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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 8.12 – 8.18

Welcome to the first full week of Jupiter being direct in the sign of Sagittarius. It’s also the first full week of Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, being retrograde in Taurus. This duality will cause us to be both inspired and eccentric, optimistic and cautious. You can sense that your life is changing rapidly, and you notice that what you think of often manifests before you with lightning speed. That means you should take tie this week to get clear on what you really want. That way you won’t send the Universe conflicting messages by internally saying you want one thing, while externally acting in a completely different way. Don’t be afraid of your own desires, Scorpio, even if they are super profound and at times seem improbable. Remind yourself that Jupiter is no longer retrograde and it’s activating your security and abundance sector. Life is as beautiful as you want it to be…

Uranus retrograde is activating your partnership sector until January 2020, which means that your love life is about to get super surprising and even more unpredictable. Just when you thought that you had someone figured out, they will show you a new side of their self, and it will deeply intrigue you. Resist the urge to make impulsive romantic decisions right now, such as cutting someone off just because a part of you may be afraid of waiting things out to see what exists beneath the surface. Uranus Retrograde wants you to release your expectations in love, release all the strict standards or skepticism. View love in an abundant, infinite way, and not only romantically. Every time someone smiles at you, gives you a compliment, sends you money, makes you food, or blesses you, you are being loved. The more attentive you are in that regard, the more romantic love you’ll attract and deepen as well.

This week’s energies are all leading up to the Full Moon in Aquarius that takes place Thursday 8/15, the same day as Nipsey Hussle’s bday. If you’ve listened to my podcast on the 2020 Ascension, then you know that this new decade that we’re about to enter is all about our collective evolution. The mantra is “everybody wins, everybody eats, everybody thrives”. This week’s Full Moon is a testament to that energy. You will find yourself not only focused on your own success, but the collective success of everyone around you, especially your soul tribe and those doing the work to rise against oppressive forces and let the light shine within and around them. Prepare to receive immense downloads on and around the 15th. Take time to do a Full Moon Manifestation ritual (you can read my free guide here), as a way to release the dead weight and welcome the final week of Leo Season’s contagious energy. This Full Moon is about detaching yourself from what you’ve been told was true, and allowing yourself to redefine truth on your own terms. 

Venus, Planet of Love, remains in Leo this week, and it helps you assert your romantic needs with more confidence and less apprehension. Don’t make choices based on how you think others will feel — really tune into what you need to feel safe romantically, and prioritize that. For example, if you need time on your own and not date anyone, then gift yourself that, even if you have suitors begging to merge with you. The same goes for the opposite. If you’ve fthis elt very lonely and have been seeking greater intimacy, be honest about it instead of prideful and contradictory. Your heart knows what it wants, and it’s time to adopt Leo-like energy and fully own what you want. Once you do, life shifts and your desires become more tangibly within your reach. 

All in all, Scorpio, this week’s energy is about stepping into your position as the main authority of your life. You call the shots. You draw up the vision. You execute it with precision and finesse. Prepare for a major professional breakthrough by week’s end, and also prepare to feel more connected to your true friends and people who live authentically and purposefully. This week has many healing properties to it, and you don’t even have to try to tap into it, they’ll be felt naturally. The more you surrender to the flow of life, the more you realize you are the flow itself. 

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