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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 7.9 – 7.15.18

Get ready for one of the most memorable weeks of the month, Scorpio. This is the week when Jupiter, Planet of Luck, finally goes direct in our zodiac sign after a four-month retrograde. It’s also the week of a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer, which officially begins eclipse season. You may vacillate between feeling a high surge of energy, and needing time to rest this week. Tune into what your body wants and needs, Scorpio. Your emotions are your compass, even though they may at times seem overwhelming. But this week, they’ll really help empower you and motivate you to realign with your values, your passions, and your truth. This eclipse week is a passage into a new world, Scorpio. It’s a world that we’re collectively creating through our thoughts, actions, and intentions. Since it’s Cancer Season, and Cancer energy is all about bringing forth new life, you’ll be thinking about what you’re ready to birth into your life, and why. Being radically honest with yourself about where you’d like to invest your energy this week will be a game-changer for you. Ever since Mars went retrograde at the end of June, your energy levels were off and on, but Jupiter going direct provides a cosmic boost that allows you to break free of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith.

The magic will be felt starting Tuesday, July 10th, so use Monday to make a list of what you’d like to focus on this week and why. Try to think beyond busy work and mundane tasks. Are you really going after what you want, Scorpio? The dream job, the dream lover, the dream home? After November 8, 2018, Jupiter won’t be direct in your sign again for 12 years, so this isn’t just any ordinary time span that you’re experiencing. It’s one where what you touch has the power to turn to gold metaphorically speaking. And while we do live in an infinite Universe with so many options, the key this week is to simplify your objectives and try to focus on one major goal at a time. Whether that’s sending an email that could propel you to new professional heights, saying yes to a date that may switch up the way you love, or launching a side hustle that’s been on your mind all year, you have the green light to move forward this week. Plus, Mercury Retrograde will begin on July 26th, so it’s better to make these moves now rather than wait. Even though your perfectionism may cause you to second-guess yourself, Jupiter’s influence can overpower that and make you aware of how much life rewards you once you trust yourself and believe in your inherent worth.

Two days after Jupiter goes direct, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer takes place, and this can make you feel like you’ve reached a turning point in your domestic life. You’ll be focused on talking through any misunderstandings with family members, so that you can all be aligned and on the same page. Although at first you may have felt passive-aggressive this Cancer Season, this eclipse brings to light what was once hidden, so you won’t be able to hide your true feelings from those closest to you, and they won’t be able to either. It’s important for you to admit if there are moments in your life when you felt too much pressure to please everyone or take care of everyone. This eclipse starts a six-month cycle of rebirth and renewal when it comes to the way you emit compassion. You don’t have to be a martyr, Scorpio. You have to put yourself first, even if that means taking a little bit of a break from being the rock for everyone around you. Around this Cancer eclipse, an amazing opportunity to expand and do something adventurous and new, potentially involving travel, may appear. Say yes to it! Invest in yourself and your spiritual well-being.

Romantically, Venus’ shift into Virgo on Monday, July 9, and this will make you feel more serious and committed in matters of the heart. Leo Season helped you release your wilder, more carefree and fiery side as a lover, and Venus in Virgo now makes you focus on quality over quantity, and substance over sexiness. You’ll be focused on making sure you feel secure with those you give your heart to, and that others feel safe with you as a lover too. But make sure that you’re not taking things too seriously and letting your own high standards or expectations cause you to be too rigid or inflexible in your relationships. It’s too easy to overanalyze things when Venus is in meticulous Virgo, so you’ll have to remind yourself to stay chill, especially since this is an eclipse week and there will be many elements of surprise happening left and right. There’s no need to look for trouble where there’s none, Scorpio. Accept that people are going to express their love for you in the way that feels right to them, so try not to get too nitpickey or judgmental if it doesn’t exactly align with the way you express your love. Positively though, this transit will allow you to be more selfless in love and to care about other people’s well-being. It’s a great week for engaging in a health or fitness regimen with an accountability partner or on your own. The more you get your body moving, the less cluttered your mind will be. Also, don’t rule out the power of technology for match-making potential now that Venus is highlighting your romance sector. This weekend will be full of twists and turns when it comes to who you meet, connect with, and allow into your life, so get ready to be wowed! Have a powerful eclipse week, Scorpio. You deserve all the abundance in the Universe.

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  1. Greatly enjoyed the vlog and congratulations on you all new journey. Thanks for the weekly astrology reports. Thank you 😊

  2. Beautiful Family!!! Congratulations on the upcoming little one, you are simply glowing and beautifully radiant!!! Wishing you all many blessings on your new journey!!! Peace, Love & Happiness!!!

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