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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 7.29 – 8.4

Mercury Retrograde ends this week, on July 31st, and helps humanity tie together the pieces of why certain themes kept repeating in their lives these past three weeks. We will still feel the post-shadow period of Mercury Retrograde until mid-August though, and the days before the retrograde ends can sometimes feel even more intense than usual. That’s why it’s essential for you to make “patience” the word of the week for you, Scorpio. There will be moments this week when your stinger will impulsively come out, ready to sting anyone you perceive as a threat, or simply an annoyance. Try to keep things under control so that you don’t end up burning bridges or letting your pettiness get the best of you. Your feelings are valid, but they don’t have to be destructive…

This is also the first full week of Leo Season, and on the 31st we will experience a New Moon in Leo. This brings rays of sunshine into our lives this week. You probably have noticed yourself feeling more confident in yourself, even if it’s a gradual increase in self-esteem. Use the days before the Leo New Moon to reflect on times when you didn’t treat yourself as kindly and lovingly as you could have… Mercury’s final days retrograde in Cancer can be very healing as you awaken to ingrained patterns of behavior that you no longer vibe with. The fact that a New Moon takes place on the 31st, the same day as Mercury Retrograde ends, means that you’re really ready to release, let go, and morph into someone new. But not just anyone new — someone who takes everyone’s breath away by the way they feel. Your aura is lit this Leo Season, Scorpio. Or at least it can be if you realize that you’ve been the spark all along…

On Friday, August 1st, a new month begins, and it would be a great day to set New Moon Intentions that have to do with living boldly, passionately, and with greater authority over your life. This week you may realize that you’ve known the answers all along, and you may have been seeking validation externally. Once you make this consciousness shift you’ll start to feel more empowered as you navigate this post-eclipse, post-Mercury retrograde world. You’v learned from your past these past few weeks, and you’re wiser and stronger. This is especially true romantically and socially. Because Neptune’s now retrograde, you are able to see past illusions, or understand the reasons you may have been stuck in one in the first place. Not all illusions are unreal, Scorpio. Sometimes they’re so real that they seem impossible… It’s up to you to realize that anything you envision can be made real. It’s just a matter of what’s worth putting in the time and effort to visualize into existence. This week’s new month, new Moon, and new you will seek answers to these questions. Be sure to include your lovers, ex-lovers or could-be-lovers in the conversation if it takes place organically.

This week is all about you, Scorpio. Live in a way that helps you feel royal, at ease, empowered and loved. If you find yourself losing your patience due to Mercury Retrograde’s final shebang, take a deep breath and press reset. Don’t let drama steal your joy — don’t be the drama that steals others’ joy either. The more you remember life’s cyclical nature, the more you’ll be able to flow through the speed bumps while slowing down enough to enjoy the ride.

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