Scorpio, your wildest dreams are really within your grasp. I know this can be scary, and you may be tempted to retreat into your comfort zone. But that’s not possible anymore, my love. This week July morphs into August, and the Lion’s Gate portal of ascension begins on July 31st, 2020. You’re realizing that by breaking down your huge goals into more manageable action items, you’re able to make consistent progress and achieve milestones with intention and patience. Keep going, my love. Keep discovering more of yourself and your magic. Even if it’s challenging at times because of how sensitive you are to the more chaotic or uncertain parts of life or your relationships. This week, you’ll have to use the more selfish energy of Mars in Aries to set the necessary boundaries if people want to pour their hearts out to you or come to you for advice. So much transformation is happening internally, and you’ll want to be very attuned to your own development before tending to that of others.

With the Moon in our sign on Monday and Tuesday, you’ll find yourself more magnetic, mysterious, passionate and drawn to sensuality. People won’t be able to take their eyes off of you, and you’ll be coursing through people’s thoughts all day. You may find yourself thinking of someone, and a minute later receiving a text, DM, or call from them. Your powers of telepathy are deepening, and who knows, maybe your powers of teleportation will soon deepen too. This is the thing, Scorpio. We cannot place limits on the type of superpowers that exist within us. Being a Scorpio with such powers of alchemy means that every time we decide to create a new thought for ourselves, we also choose to vibrate at a different frequency than before, and therefore everything is possible.

Here’s a literal example. I have been a fan of Drake for years. He’s a Scorpio born October 24th, and I’m a Scorpio born October 23rd. For years, I visualized Drake seeing and re-sharing my horoscopes. I knew he’d resonate with my work, and I knew the day would come that he’d read my content. Today, that day came. Drake shared my scope on his IG stories. When I saw it, I took a deep breath, and thanked the Universe. Anything is possible when you hold the frequency of what you desire in your mind’s eye, and when you release the need to control how that desire will manifest. Let this manifestation serve as an example for you this week, Scorpio, particularly once the Lion’s Gate portal of Ascension starts on July 31st. The New Moon intentions you set last week (it’s not too late to set them by the way — get a free guide to doing do so here) will start to materialize before your eyes, as early as this week! Usually it takes six months for us to start to see the results of our intentions, but because the recent new moon was a double-Cancer whammy, the manifestations are speeding up.

You may have your most romantic days of the week Wednesday – Friday, as the Moon morphs into Sag, because the Sun will also be in Leo, and you’ll be feeling more freedom-loving and full of life. The Scorpio Moon’s energy will have you thinking of all the ways you may have closed your heart to love and intimacy because of trust issues or a fear of really showing people the depths of your love. The Sag Moon will remind you that you can let people know how much you care in more light-hearted, hilarious ways, such as sending them silly memes or lovingly smacking their ass when they get out of the shower. You’ll find yourself being able to let love in without it being too much of a big deal, and you’ll also recognize that love comes in many forms, it doesn’t always have to be romantic — this is a sign of your healing.

Everything we consume this year has more potent energy than usual. Watch my IGTV video on why I therefore suggest we consume 20% less in 2020. As we change our frequency and shift our focus to what grounds us, we start to notice that the distractions and connections that we felt “meh” about start to dissipate. Read one of my love forecasts, Uranus in Taurus Part II, to understand more about why our relationships have gone through such a rollercoaster ever since May 2018 (this transit lasts until 2026, but it stabilizes with each passing year as we adjust to Uranus’ transit through our partnership sector).

Many people have asked me if there’s still time to set intentions for the Cancer New Moon. Yes, most definitely! In fact, since the Lion’s Gate portal of Ascension begins this week, you’re right on time if you haven’t yet set intentions, and this is also a great week to revise and review the ones you may have previously set. If you need some cosmic inspiration as you set your intentions, I invite you to watch my visual for my New Moon Mantra, a musical meditation written by me (@dossevia) and produced by Electric Butter. Thank you to everyone who’s already watched it on my IG and on my site. I appreciate your love and support. My debut EP of mantras and meditations, “Dream with Dossé-Via” comes out next week, 8/8/2020, on all streaming platforms. In the meantime, enjoy the New Moon Mantra vid!