Scorpio, this final week of July is filled with powerful planetary shifts. The biggest one is Jupiter’s re-entrance into Aquarius on Wednesday the 28th. After almost 3 months in its dreamy and intuitive home sign of Pisces, Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius for the next 5 months. Many Scorpios will notice that their attention shifts from more creative and romantic matters to more domestic, foundational and structured ones. Since Neptune is still retrograde in Pisces, we’ll still have plenty of time to connect with ourselves and others intimately, but this week we’ll also be focused on re-evaluating our priorities and making necessary shifts to make sure we feel free to live in alignment with our values.

Mercury shifts into Leo early this week, and Mars enters Virgo on the 29th, influencing Scorpio’s sector of tech and social networks. Many of us will start to finetune our social media use, and we’ll also spend time purging old photos and contacts from our phones and digital devices. You’ll notice yourself placing greater limits on what you choose to consume, and even create. It’s normal to feel more protective of your energy this week, Scorpio, especially since the Aquarius Full Moon may have illuminated ways in which you’ve spread yourself too thin. But keep a playful spirit even as the planets shift into more Earth energy. Find a balance between your desire for growth and your need for stability. Letting yourself play and step out of your comfort zone is often the way to cultivate such harmony. 

Romantically, since this is Venus’ first full week in Virgo, it’s likely that you’ll be seeking to slow things down in your connections, to better evaluate what your current needs are, and to also assess what the needs of others may be. Mercury’s shift into Leo on the 27th can lead to egos flaring up, so do your best to honestly converse with yourself regarding your intentions before opening up the conversation with a partner. Knowing yourself and your desires will help you express yourself confidently, and specifically. The more you practice being more vulnerable without viewing it as super corny, the more natural it’ll feel for you, and you’ll also attract connections with people who authentically share their truths as well. I love this for us!

The month of August will therefore begin on a grounded yet electric note, and with Jupiter’s re-entrance into Aquarius, our concept of time, presence and connection will morph into several dimensions. This is a great week to remind yourself to stay connected to nature as much, if not much more, than you are connected to modern tech devices or platforms. As the alchemists of the zodiac, this week’s cosmic shift will heighten our consciousness significantly, and the more attuned you are to the brilliance of the present moment, the more magical it all becomes. We’re transcending the realm between our intellect and our emotions this week, and this will help you see yourself and your life from a bird’s eye view, while also looking at it up close, as if through a magnifying glass. You’re in for quite the trippy ride this week, Scorpio, so dare to believe in this adventure, and trust that as you take the leap, you are already “there.”

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