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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 7.23 – 7.29.18

Welcome to the last full week of July 2018, which is also a Lunar Eclipse week, and the week Mercury goes retrograde! It’s definitely going to be one for the books, Scorpio. Monday, July 23 also marks the three-month countdown before Scorpio Season begins, so you may find yourself feeling motivated and reflective. There is so much you can achieve in 3 months, and the key is to simply decide where you most want to direct your energy, and why. Now that we’re in Leo Season, it’s easy to get overstimulated with different passion projects and desires, but you’ll have to discipline your mind this week and make sure that you’re not all over the place. Use the fixed energy of the Leo Sun to devote your attention to one or two key initiatives that can help you finish the month with a bang.

On Thursday, Mercury, Planet of Communication, goes retrograde for three weeks. This truly isn’t a big deal because Mercury Retrograde happens 3-4 times a year, but it can explain why you may find yourself having delays in travel and communication. While you may be tempted to lose your cool, the more angry or irritated you get at external circumstances, the more challenging and annoying life will seem. Try your best to not take yourself or life too seriously this week. It may seem easier said than done since we’re in the midst of retrograde season, but it’s a great exercise to practice. Laugh at yourself instead of snapping at others. When you feel like yelling, take a deep breath or go take a nap. Ask yourself if what you’re getting all worked up about will matter a month from now or a year from now. Keeping things in perspective will help you thrive during retrograde season. Your ruler Mars is also in its final month of retrograde, so you may feel like you have to rest more frequently in order to keep your energy levels high. Pay attention to your body and the cues it’s sending your way.

Then on Friday, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius takes over the skies and can cause a major stir in your domestic sector. You may find out some life-changing news around this time, such as of an upcoming move, a new addition to a family, someone or yourself changing jobs or leaving a job, or someone reaching out to you in need for help or support. This Full Moon eclipse is connected to the one that happened about 6 months ago, around February 2018. If you wrote New Moon Intentions back then, take a look at what you wrote and you may be amazed at what’s manifested in your life. Eclipses bring about tremendous change and surprise, and it often shakes up foundations in your life that no longer serve or support you, even if they are something you’ve been used to for quite some time. So if you feel a bit destabilized by this eclipse, know that it’s completely normal, and the most important thing you can do is utilize the Aquarius energy to go with the flow instead of trying to resist change. What you resist, persists. Also keep in mind that you’re not alone, and plenty of humans on the planet are also going through a major metamorphosis, so be sure to check in with your loved ones, and even your not-so-loved-ones. Even your perceived enemy or hater could be going through a very rough time and may need some love. Being the bigger person and letting go of pettiness can pay off tremendously by clearing some karmic debts in your life and helping you breathe easy.

Romantically, all of these retrograde and eclipse vibes could have you feeling a bit antsy or restless in the love department. It’s important to not make any rash decisions around an eclipse, because sometimes what happens on the day of isn’t exactly what it seems, and you must wait a while for the dust to settle so that you can have more clarity on what exactly’s going on in your life. So if a partner, crush, ex, or friend-with-benefits has been acting a bit off or unpredictably lately, chalk it up to the eclipse vibes and try not to be too reactive or confrontational. Meet everyone with the mentality that you don’t truly know what they’re navigating right now — this is a time where emotions are running high, but because of the Aquarius vibes some people may be trying to play it cool or hide what they’re truly feeling. So even if you’re a master mind-reader and you think you understand that they’re going through, allow them to express themselves when they see fit, Scorpio. Don’t rush the process — trust it. For more advice on how to manifest the best love life for yourself these next two months, read my latest Love Forecast here.

All in all, this is a week that may lead to you feeling drastically different than you did at the beginning of the month. By this weekend, you will have made it two major eclipses in one month, and there’s another happening in August! Your evolution is happening so rapidly and organically, especially now that Jupiter is direct in Scorpio. It’s up to you to take all of this consciousness shift and use it to your advantage by realizing that you are a superhero. Once you’ve decided on a certain mission, you set off on it and the path presents itself to you. To figure out how to maximize the potential of Jupiter being in Scorpio for most of the year, read Part II of Jupiter in Scorpio’s Forecast here.

To find out more about what this eclipse and retrograde week has in store, be sure to watch episode 3 of my vlog! The first part is all about my adventures traveling on a quick trip to Paris, and the last portion of the vlog includes your weekly astrology overview. Thank you so much for all the love we’ve received so far! Enjoy this week’s vlog below and be sure to subscribe! Have a magical week 🙂

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