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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 7.20 – 7.26.20

The week starts off with a Cancer New Moon taking place at 1:33pm EST on Monday — the second one in a row — which activates Scorpio’s sector of travel, adventure, media and expansion. Some Scorpios will be embarking on a major adventure this week, one that’s felt like a long-time coming. Whether that’s moving somewhere new, revamping your current home or work space in order to feel like you’re somewhere new, or diving into a creative project such as a screenplay or mixtape in order to create something new — this is the week where you recognize and honor your own potential and you let yourself vividly explore it.

Leo Season begins on the 22nd, activating Scorpio’s sector of career and reputation for the next four weeks. If you’ve been feeling a bit inconsistent when it comes to work, you’ll notice that your drive increases significantly over the course of the next month, Scorpio. When you combine the energy of Leo Season with Mars, our planetary ruler’s, presence in fiery Aries, we’ll notice ourselves taking more leaps of faith in our careers and when it comes to expressing our creativity. We’re willing to try things we previously would’ve been unsure of, especially if it feels right to us in the present moment. A more risky, passionate, game-changing side to us emerges this week, Scorpio. It’s because you’re fully stepping into the post-eclipse reality.

Venus’ continued stay in Gemini is the highlight of our love lives this week, because with each passing day that the Planet of Love hangs out in this social and airy sign, we find ourselves lightening up in matters of the heart and truly seeing our current, past, and potential connections in a new light. If you’re single, people you might have once friend-zoned may all of a sudden become more attractive to you, and people who friend-zoned you may let you know how much they want you. The tables are turning, you’re being less rigid in your connections, and Chiron’s retrograde in our wellness sector is helping us acknowledge which wounds are still healing without picking at the scab. We will find that this week’s New Moon allows us to set intentions regarding what we want from love and intimacy.

Many Scorpios will manifest or deepen a passionate and long-lasting connection within the next six months, including one with their own self. Now that we’re past eclipse season, we’re seeing our own patterns of self-sabotage in matters of the heart and choosing to move differently. For some Scorpios, that may be indulging in more alone time this week, especially as the month starts to wind down. But for others, the bold and heated energy of Leo Season will bring out a flirtatious, sexy, magnetic side of you that wants to connect with people through dance, sensual eye-contact, flirty text messages and kisses with tongue. If you’re able to connect with someone in such a dramatic and intense way this week, by all means, indulge — end the week with a bang if you so choose. Just be intentional when it comes to who you’re merging with on a physical, sexual and psychological level.

Everything we consume this year has more potent energy than usual. Watch my IGTV video on why I therefore suggest we consume 20% less in 2020. As we change our frequency and shift our focus to what grounds us, we start to notice that the distractions and connections that we felt “meh” about start to dissipate. This makes room for the unions that make our heart sing. This week is about letting your heart sing, Scorpio. You’ve put in so much work, you’ve been so patient, you’ve been courageous, and you’ve been honest with yourself and others about what you need. Now open your arms and receive the rewards of all your discipline. You are now reborn.

The New Moon in Cancer energy will be felt quite strongly this week, Scorpio. Take time to set New Moon intentions — this Cancer New Moon is one of the most fertile and eye-opening New Moons of 2020. If you need some cosmic inspiration as you set your intentions, I invite you to watch my visual for my New Moon Mantra, a musical meditation written by me (@dossevia) and produced by Electric Butter. Thank you to all of you who have already watched it on my IG and on my site. I appreciate the love and support. My EP of mantras and meditations comes out next month, so stay tuned!

12 responses to “Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 7.20 – 7.26.20

  1. Looooooove the mantra, made me cry/release. It’s beautiful! And I can’t express enough how much I get out of your writing. I look forward to it daily and taps into so many emotions ultimately bringing me peace and focus. Looking forward to the EP. 🙂

    1. I’ve been following your IG for a long while now and your tips and content help me get through the days/weeks/months. You’ve enabled me to grow and learn from my past and future. Thank you for your content, don’t ever stop spreading your work!

  2. Super spot on, I am so happy I am naturally experiencing these things. It’s so reassuring that I’m on the right path or at least operating from intuition.

  3. Dossè sending big TX love and gratitude for your gift. I am divinely guided through your words. The new moon mantra has been one of the most utilized tools for me.
    My chest feels so physically heavy as I have been purging what no longer serves me. I am stepping into my power. This will be the year I purchase a birth chart reading from you 🙏🏽 I cannot wait for “Dreaming w Dossè” – I have been dreaming with you for years already lol thank u again.

  4. I started watching this and as it finished I looked up and it was 11:11 and just instantly I started crying, what a message you’re truly beautiful and I truly needed that, thank you 🙂 <3

  5. My Darling Star-Sister,

    I can not thank you enough for the work you do, your kindness and the mindfulness with which you act.

    Your words have helped steal me since Jan 24, when I chose to leave my partner of 9 years. Nothing really was wrong, but a lot wasn’t right.

    The past 6 months have been work, tears, triumph and terror, but I found solice and strength knowing that the vibrations I felt were not just my own. Rowing a boat solo across an ocean is entirely different than rowing with a team.

    As a survivor of child abuse, it has been hard for me to form appropriate attachments; I’d default to accepting behavior that wasn’t ok from friends, lovers and myself. I’ve been working hard to rise as Phoenix Reborn. I’ve felt myself growing up to the light in the last 6 months, and to read your words “you are now reborn” broke the last part of the skin I needed to shed.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  6. This felt absolutely energizing and ifelt every sound and word spoken. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. May you be blessed always

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