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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 7.1 – 7.7.19

Welcome to a brand new world, Scorpio. This first week of July will be like none other, due to Mercury Retrograde beginning on the 7th, and the powerfully healing New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer taking place July 2. The effect of this Cancer New Moon will be directly felt all month long, and you will notice the transformative energies for the next year. This eclipse is about being so honest with yourself about what you’re feeling, and letting that heal and help you instead of scare you. It’s okay to have dark emotions, and it’s okay to have light ones. Just know that they exist for a reason, and be curious enough to explore them without viewing them as anything that can control you. You have free-will above all, Scorpio. You can manifest anything, by trusting your mind, your body, your heart, and your soul. This takes practice, patience, persistence and a willingness to try again. Are you ready?

Your ruling planet Mars shifts out of Cancer this week and enters fiery Leo. This is a powerful transition that helps us keep our head above water and realize that even when everything seems out of our control, we can be the captains of our ships. It’s time to be like the Sun, and shine, even if for now you’re doing it behind-the-scenes. Shine for yourself, Scorpio. Celebrate yourself, especially Monday and Tuesday, as you start off the week. Don’t immediately think of everything you have to do or all the places you have to be. Focus on this moment that you’ve arrived at, and be proud of how far you’ve come. Mars in Leo will help you remain confident in yourself, your accomplishments, and what you will continue to accomplish. Even in the midst of retrograde and eclipse season, Mars in Leo reminds you that you are a star.

Romantically, Venus shifts out of Gemini and enters Cancer for the next few weeks. Your actions may have been unpredictable during Venus in Gemini. You were more flirtatious and carefree, and while it was fun and exciting at times, at other times it may have caused you to hurt people’s feelings (or get yourself in situations where your own feelings were hurt). You may not have found it that easy to be vulnerable with those you love during Venus in Gemini, because a part of you wanted to keep things light-hearted, while another just wanted to pour your heart out and feel heard. Well, Venus in Cancer will give you what you ask for, but you’ll have to respect other people’s boundaries while making sure your own are also respected… Just because you want to pour your heart out to someone doesn’t mean they’re ready to receive it at the same moment. Don’t take things too personally under this transit. Cultivate a healthy amount of space and detachment in your relationships, and focus on nurturing yourself more than anyone else.

Mercury retrograde starts on Sunday, July 7th, and that will be your opportunity to go inward and assess what you really want to spend your time and energy on these next 3 weeks. You’ll have to be honest about projects that have to be put on pause, or re-evaluated. Friendships that aren’t fulfilling may be released, even if it’s just temporarily. Same thing with relationships that take up too much of your energy. This is all preparing you for the game-changing month of August, when Jupiter will go direct and Mercury will also be direct. You have to face truths now and make the necessary revisions so that your path can continue to glow before your eyes. View this retrograde as something fun that will bring you closer to your goals, and help you on your journey to getting there. Release the fear of the unknown, and trust yourself and your enlightenment, Scorpio. Have a beautiful week!

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