The transition from June to July 2021 is likely to feel mystical and filled with possibilities, Scorpio. As the week begins, the Moon’s entrance into Pisces encourages us to dream more, play more, laugh more, and flirt more. After last week’s awakening Capricorn Moon, we are entering this week knowing that if we trust ourselves and our journeys, there’s nothing we can’t achieve. Mars in Leo has been helping us amp up our drive and sense of purpose, and Neptune’s recent retrograde in Pisces also helps us see what’s meant for us more clearly, and this gives us the confidence to welcome that energy into our lives. Scorpio, even if you felt like you were behind on important goals, this week you need to remind yourself that everything is occurring in divine timing. Simply breathe and choose ease. As I mentioned in my most recent IG Live, slowing down and connecting with nature are essential ways for you to tap into the clarifying energy of retrograde season. So while you’ll be feeling a strong urge to be ultra productive this week, remember that rest is also a form of productivity.

Tuesday’s one of the best days of the week for us, Scorpio. The Moon in Pisces harmonizes with Uranus in Taurus and the Sun in Cancer. All around feel-good vibes will be permeating the cosmos and your consciousness, allowing you to lead with your heart and have enlightening conversations with both people you know and people you may have just met. For single Scorpios or those wanting to mingle, this is a good day to get back on dating apps or say yes to your friends connecting you with someone they think you’d vibe with. Chances are, you will! Our creativity will also be enhanced with these magical aspects, so spend time writing, singing, dancing, making love, and soul-searching. Tuesdays are “Mars Days”, and since we’re ruled by Mars we feel more blessed and aligned on these days.

Starting Thursday, the Moon’s shift into Aries puts us in boss mode, helping us tackle projects that we know are going to help catapult us into the next level of our career. As the work week rounds out, you may receive great news about the approval of a pitch or proposal you’ve made, and you’ll be proud of yourself for going for it. Keep that same energy during the month of July, Scorpio. Keep going after the things that set you on fire and make you feel alive, no matter how intimidating they may at first seem. Your dreams exist for a reason, and if you keep feeling called to go after them, then trust yourself whole-heartedly and the Universe will make a way. If you’re finding yourself still struggling with grappling insecurities or self–doubt, take time to do a Full Moon Release Ritual this week, as we still are being influenced by the Capricorn Full Moon’s energy. We’re being asked to own up to our own blockages before asking for more blessings. It’s as you cut cords on ways of thinking and living that no longer serve you that you’ll be able to make room for the ones that uplift and protect you. Once you take that first step to release what you’ve outgrown or what you no longer want to perpetuate, a whole new world opens up to you.

This weekend will feel mellow and relaxing as the Moon hangs out in Taurus and harmonizes with Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces. You may reconnect with a past lover, friend, or family member in ways that feel healing and nurturing. You’ll feel seen, loved, respected and cared for, and they’re likely to feel the same way about you. Jupiter in Pisces’ energy is very ethereal, and Jupiter will remain in Pisces until July 28th, Scorpio. This makes our relationships more of a priority for us, and it helps us heal from past wounds through lovingly forgiving ourselves and others, while also knowing what we deserve and what we’re ready to invest in our current connections. While many Scorpios tend to be skeptical about the idea of letting our guards down, sensations like what we’ll feel this weekend aid in helping us do so. On Sunday though, several planetary squares between the Moon and other planets can lead to you second-guessing the need to be vulnerable, and your walls may pop right up again. Be kind to yourself even if you seem to be backtracking — it’s all part of the process, and you’re evolving either way. Take time to read “Uranus in Taurus Part III: Learning To Love With Detachment”, a digital report that explains how the Planet of Change is revolutionizing the way Scorpios give and receive love, between now and 2026! It’s an eye-opening report that will help you on your journey of letting love in. Have an amazing week and beautiful start to the month of July, Scorpio!

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