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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 6.25 – 7.1.18

This last week of June is about resetting yourself in any way necessary, so that you can feel rested, more relaxed, and at peace with where you are in life. Mars, one of your co-ruling planets, begins its two-month retrograde on Tuesday the 26th, and since Mars rules action and energy, it’s normal for your energy stores to feel a bit lower than usual, Scorpio. You’ve been doing a lot this month, working on restructuring your life and getting things in order so you can feel more secure. But it’s important to not always focus on moving forward or upwards. Sometimes you need to slow down enough to realize everything that you’ve already done, and to become more aware of where you truly want to give your time and energy to. This is what Mars retrograde is here to help you do. You’ll feel more introverted and focused on your internal evolution, so making huge splashes externally won’t matter to you as much. You are getting in alignment with your true self.

This is also a Full Moon week, and on Thursday, June 28th we will experience a Capricorn Full Moon which is directly tied to the New Moon in Capricorn that took place on January 16, 2018. Think back to where you were in your life about six months ago, when the year had just begun. If you have a journal, look back at the goals you wrote down around that time. Or take a trip down memory lane and read past messages or tweets to see where your consciousness was back in January 2018. You are likely to find that you have greatly evolved over the course of the past six months, and that’s largely due to the many eclipses and retrogrades we’ve been experiencing during the first half of the year, particularly Jupiter Retrograde. This week’s Full Moon may help you reach a milestone at work or with a creative project that means a lot to you. The way you communicate will be more direct and clear, and you’ll get very clear signs from the Universe about what your purpose is. Full Moons can be emotionally draining though, so try not to put too much on your plate this week, or ask for help if you do have many things to attend to. It’ll be easy to overwork yourself with the Capricorn energy, so use the more sensitive vibes of the Sun in Cancer to mellow out, purge the nonessentials, and stay hydrated.

Romantically, Venus in Leo has been making you more passionate about your romantic desires. You know what you want and you want it now. But the fact that Neptune is now retrograde has maybe made it harder for you to fully and directly express yourself romantically. You’re more clear in professional communication than you are in romantic communication. Your dreams and subconscious, however, is speaking to you loud and clear. Write down your dreams if you can remember them, or keep a dream journal by your bed and make note of the lingering messages, people or images that may pop up in your mind, either when you’re sleeping or awake. Even if you may not want to fully admit to yourself or to someone else what you’re feeling in terms of your romantic desires, you won’t be able to hide from your subconscious mind. Your ability to pick up on people’s body language and hidden messages will also be super strong this week due to Mars Retrograde, Neptune Retrograde, Jupiter Retrograde, Pluto Retrograde and the Full Moon in Capricorn. Your job is to not internalize everything that you feel, though, Scorpio. If you do so, you’ll feel overwhelmed by the outside energy and it will make you feel emotionally unsettled. Focus on what you feel, and work your way through that without putting too much pressure on yourself to figure it all out.

This weekend, on Friday the 29th, Mercury leaves sensitive Cancer and enters fiery Leo, so this will help you be a bit more expressive when speaking your truth these next few weeks. You’ll still vacillate between introversion and extroversion, but you’ll be more willing to confidently express new ideas and vocalize what’s been in the back of your mind. Your creativity will also expand during this transit, and you may find that making art is an excellent outlet for your intense emotions this week. Just beware of being too fixed on having things go your way during Mercury in Leo, as your stubbornness and selfishness may increase during this transit. Find a balance between living in your own world, and being in tune with other people’s needs, feelings, and emotional reactions. This is one of the most intense weeks of the month, Scorpio, so the most important thing you can do is fill yourself with self-love each and every day. Do what feels right to you, even if it doesn’t make much sense to other people. And commit to your truth, always.

Have a powerful Full Moon week, Scorpio!

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