Scorpio, this week is likely to feel trippy, productive, emotional and awakening all at once. We’re now in Cancer Season, marking a time where we’ll be focused on expanding our spiritual knowledge through travel, research, and connecting with people who have depth and passion. Cancer Season is one of the best periods of the years for Scorpios to work on creative projects, because our sector of adventure and philosophy is activated at this time, helping us open up to new ways of looking at the world, and new forms of self-expression. The fact that Jupiter is now retrograde in Pisces also intensifies our imagination, as does Neptune’s Retrograde, which starts this week on the 25th. The highlight of this week is the Capricorn Full Moon occurring Thursday, June 24th. Think back to where you were at the start of the year, Scorpio, particularly when it comes to your communication styles. You’re likely to feel like you’ve made sustainable improvements these past six months. This week is about celebrating yourself and your magnificent journey.

With the Moon in Scorpio as the week begins, Monday and Tuesday are ideal for pitching a project that you’ve been working on for a while, and for magnetically getting what you want in your intimate relationships. You have a mesmerizing ability to influence others through being true to yourself and selectively sharing your current intentions. Since Mercury’s still retrograde until Tuesday, it’s best to focus on asking for support on whatever you’ve been working on for a while, rather than starting anything new. Even after Mercury shifts direct, remember that there will be a two-week post-shadow period to get through before we’re truly in the clear. But that doesn’t mean you should freeze and not take any steps forward this week, Scorpio. Just make sure they’re well-calculated and that there’s a solid foundation before making any major moves.

Mid-week, the Sagittarius Moon helps infuse optimism, joy and spontaneity into your life. This would be a great time to flirt with your lover(s), plan an upcoming get-away, dive into an adventurous book or movie, or try foreign cuisine. You’ll notice that this week you vacillate from moments of being super serious with yourself and others, and moments of being silly and carefree. Enjoy this, especially during retrograde season. The more you can accept the totality of your feelings, and not try to force yourself to consistently feel a certain way, the better. Learn to embrace your periods of loneliness as much as you celebrate your moments of joy, Scorpio. The Sagittarius Moon will also have you focused on your financial well-being. What does it look like or feel like for you to feel confident financially and to breathe easy with the wealth you’re bringing into your life? Even if you’re not fully there yet, allow yourself to start envisoning what your ideal relationship with wealth and prosperity is. The Full Moon in Capricorn could usher in some long-term financial blessings…

Not only is there a constructive, loving and encouraging full moon on the 24th, but Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, which is currently retrograde in Aquarius, harmonizes with Chiron, the asteroid that represents our inner healing, which is currently in Aries. This means that many Scorpios will feel like they’re able to release a major grudge this week, and so much dead weight will literally drop from their shoulders. This is a magical feeling to experience, and it’s something that’s been manifesting in our lives for years, if not decades! WOW. Since we’ve made it through eclipse season, this is likely to be a major turning point for us this year, and it will lead to the rest of the year feeling much lighter emotionally-speaking. We’ve also made room to receive more fresh, healing energy in our lives, because we’ve consciously made the decision to step out of victim-based realities and not let past anger or resentment have a permanent hold on us. Nourish yourself with as much self-love as you can this weekend, Scorpio. This full moon will feel like you’ve truly made it through a period filled with shadows and uncertainty, and now you’re free.

Romantically, it’s important that you use Neptune and Jupiter’s retrograde as a period of introspection when it comes to your patterns in intimate relationships. Do you tend to try to “fix” or save the partners you’re with? Do you tend to idealize the relationship and project it into some fantasy rather than accepting it for what it currently is? Or is a part of you an escapist, who runs away from intimacy even when you have no reason to? Do you constantly look for red flags, or create them in your mind, as a way to try to prove to yourself that it’s not worth it to let your guard down? Do you pretend that you’re absolutely fine on your own, when really all you’re craving is kisses and cuddles? You have four months of retrograde to find answers to these questions, but the beginning of retrogrades can often intensify them in our consciousness, so don’t be surprised if intense emotions come up for you this week as you work to ensure you’re opening up your heart chakra and showing up as your most loving self. Breath by breath, you’re getting there, and it’s beautiful to witness. For more cosmic inspiration on how to open up one’s heart chakra, watch and listen to my “Love Mantra” and EP of cosmic meditations, “Dream with Dossé-Via”, available on all streaming platforms. And make sure to use the Capricorn Full Moon to do a releasing ritual and let go of the limiting beliefs that may have previously held you back. It’s a new day. It’s a new you.

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