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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 6.18 – 6.24.18

Slow down, breathe, and recenter yourself, Scorpio. Neptune, Planet of Fantasy, begins its five-month retrograde this week, and it’s helping you become more aligned with your dreams and desires. In order to do so, you have to stop rushing all the time. You have to let yourself tune into your subconscious and block out all the distractions. You have to stop running from what you feel, and simply be. At first, this may sound easier said than done, especially during the first half of the week while we’re experiencing the last few days of Gemini Season. But the key is to at least give it a try. Say no to activities or people that drain you, even if you previously felt an obligation to say yes. Truly be more selfish with your time, energy and resources. Fill your own cup first. Indulge in your solitude. This retrograde is nothing to fear — it’s going to help you get intimately closer with yourself and what you truly want. By the end of the year, you’ll feel so much more aligned with your purpose, passions, and truth.

Cancer Season begins on Wednesday, and as a Scorpio you’ll feel at home in this watery element. Gemini Season taught you how to go with the flow and be more light-hearted, and now Cancer Season is going to highlight your expansion, travel and philosophy sector. You’ll be in the mood to learn new things, take in new music and movies, travel to different places, and shake up the status quo. But all of this will happen in a highly emotional state of being, and you’ll feel very in tune with what you want and what others want. You’ll be better able to understand both what is said and not said in your interactions. Your psychic and mind-reading abilities will heighten significantly during Cancer Season. If you’re seeking to have a baby, this is a good time to try, because Cancer rules motherhood and fertility. In a less literal sense, Cancer Season is about mothering and nurturing yourself first and foremost. You may at first feel inclined to take care of everyone around you, but you should really check in with yourself and make sure that your own needs are met before tending to anyone else’s needs.

Next week, on the 26th, Mars, one of our co-ruling planets, is going retrograde until August 27. This means that this week is best for getting passion projects off the ground, particularly ones that are really important to you but that you’ve been procrastinating on. Once Mars goes retrograde next week, you’ll still be productive, but your attention will be more tied to the past and completing past projects. If there’s anything new that you want to get out into the world, use the energy of the New Moon which lasts until June 23 to really make your mark. Mars retrograde can lead to you feeling less externally ambitious, so your grander plans may experience a slow down. This is the last week this month where you’ll truly feel forward-moving momentum. And that’s good, because life isn’t meant to always be going forward, forward, forward. This month’s retrogrades are here to teach you to really appreciate where you are, without always rushing forward. So enjoy this balance of forward and backward energy that you’ll be undergoing. It’s all part of the process.

Romantically, Venus entered Leo last week, and you’ll enjoy the more fiery, sexy, adventurous vibes that apply to your love life. You may also find that your career and love life are directly correlated. The better you feel about the work that you’re doing, the better your love life will go. That’s because you’ll be directing your energy at improving your lifestyle instead of focusing too much on manifesting the perfect love life. People will be very attracted to your ambition, and this will lead to them wanting more of your attention. If you’re single, you could connect with someone professionally, and if you’re currently in a relationship, this is a great time to collaborate on a work project or mutual hobby. You both could make great progress together and it’ll increase your mutual attraction to each other in the process. Take time to spoil yourself this week, Scorpio. Be your own lover first. Pay attention to the way you dress, the way you accessorize, and the self-care rituals you commit to. When you look good, you feel good.

All in all, Scorpio, this will be a productive but also reflective week, as the Sun shifts from Gemini to Cancer, and Neptune Retrograde begins. It’s important for you to not be too tough on yourself if you find yourself feeling moody or overly sensitive. You may also need to distance yourself from people who trigger you, even if they have no idea that they’re actually doing so (or they’re acting like they have no idea). You must protect yourself and your sensitivity by not constantly being a martyr and trying to fix everything. Life’s not always going to be smooth-sailing, but this week will teach you to just let things flow and assess your emotional nature without judging yourself for what you feel. Take time to set your New Moon intentions before the 23rd, and avoid any urges to procrastinate on what matters most. The actions you commit to this week will pay off tremendously in the long run, especially around the end of the year when the New Moon’s energy fully manifests. Take things step by step, love yourself, and soar, Scorpio.

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Have a beautiful week, Scorpio!

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