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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 6.17 – 6.23

Not only is there a monumental Full Moon in Sagittarius that kicks off on Monday morning, but the Solstice takes place the 21st. This is a very fertile time, where your ideas will inspire you to take action and live boldly. Healing energy is reverberating throughout the cosmos, despite the semblance of chaos that also exists at the same time. You are both wild and peaceful at the same time, Scorpio. Strong and soft. Embrace your multitudes and contradictions this week, because they will be more apparent than usual. Both your warrior side and your hermit side will make an appearance, and you should love these sides of yourself all the same.

On Monday, take time to do a Full Moon Ritual that helps you pinpoint any blockages you’ve been regularly feeling. Write them down on a piece of paper and burn them (safely, please!). This is an alchemical way to release the dead weight as you prepare to usher in fresh energy with the Solstice. This Sag Full Moon can lead to a financial goal manifesting in your life, because it takes place in your security and abundance sector. Since Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is also in Sagittarius until December 2, you’ve been focusing on feeling more internally and externally wealthy this year. But it’s not for selfish reasons. Yes, you want a lush life, but you also want those around you, and around the world, to live with ease and not have to suffer. This Full Moon week will provide you with an “aha!” moment that helps you think of ways to increase your income without having to increase your workload. Write down any ideas that come to mind and watch out for opportunities entering your consciousness, office, or inbox.

On the 18th, Saturn, Planet of Challenge, harmoniously aligns with Neptune, Planet of Fantasy. We will feel this transit all week long, because we’ll have the impression that what we’ve been working so hard for is within our reach, if not already in our hands. Manifestation is something we’re getting increasingly better at, and it may at first spook us when something or someone that we’ve asked for appears with swiftness in our consciousness. But the more you become comfortable listening to and honoring your intuition, the stronger your manifestation becomes. It’s a powerful week to send out proposals that allow others to know what you’re dreaming of — people want to support your dreams, you just have to let them be seen and known.

In matters of the heart, Neptune, the higher octave planet of Venus, goes retrograde on the 21st for five months. This takes place the same day as the Sun shifts out of unpredictable Gemini and into sensitive Cancer for the next four weeks. The solstice, combined with Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all retrograde, will increase feelings of nostalgia, while also encouraging us to start fresh in our connections. If you feel pulled between two different paths and a bit conflicted on what to do, take time to yourself on the 21st. Close your eyes and tune into your heart. Meditate. Journal. Cry. Hug yourself. Pour more love into your own life without expecting others to do it for you. This solstice energy will help you learn to unconditionally love yourself so that you can still feel complete and whole, with or without someone by your side. It’s only from that centered place of being that you’ll be able to decide what you really want romantically. And remember that it’s perfectly okay not to know right now. Venus is in Gemini, so just taking things day by day will already reveal interesting truths without you needing to dig too deep to find out. “Let it come, and let it be…”

Once Cancer Season and the Solstice takes place on the 21st (the Sun enters Cancer at 11:54am that day), you’ll sense your more soulful urges coming to the surface of your life and relationships. If you haven’t made time for art, making love, reading a great novel, watching a movie naked in bed with your favorite snack, or just daydreaming the day/night away, consider it time to let sensuality be your reigning mood. If you love or miss someone, they’ll be on your mind more than usual during Cancer Season, and you’ll want to merge and connect with them. The key is to be honest about what you’re craving, and let it come to you. Even if it doesn’t come to you in the way you expect, you will feel its energy. Solstice energy is about awakening your deepest desires and being reborn. Follow the new paths that present themselves to you this season.

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  1. I honestly thank the universe for you! When I say every aspect of your articles are dead on…I mean it! You are beyond inspiring and I’m so thankful to have stumbled across your Instagram page! I literally oil forward to the daily posts everyday!!

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