It’s okay, and often necessary, to let go of everything you once were and activate who you’re ready to be now, Scorpio. And this week is one of those weeks for us. Monday’s Saturn-Uranus square awakens us to the truth of who we are now, and this happens by mourning who we once were. Mercury’s retrograde in our sector of depth and intimacy has us looking at the world from even more profound lenses than our Scorpio soul typically already does. Yes, this can feel heavy, but it’s Gemini Season, which means that on the other side of the heaviness is the lightness, and we’re here to embrace both equally. It’s when things get heavy that you become most aware of what you no longer have capacity to hold. If the tears flow this week, let them flow, especially now that Venus, the Planet of Love, is in our fellow water sign of Cancer. You’re supposed to be feeling things and letting them heal you.

Mid-week, the Virgo Moon helps you make progress on more practical endeavors that you may have procrastinated on. Just don’t beat yourself up about being “out of time” or “running late”, because time is an illusion and the fact that you’re showing up for yourself in whatever way you can is something that you should celebrate, rather than criticize. As we approach the Solstice that’ll occur on the 20th, you’re becoming more aware of where your mind typically runs off to, and this gives you insight on what’s been monopolizing your attention lately, and why. This retrograde season has had you feeling more protective of your energy and your subconscious mind, so if you need to take a breather from your regular routine this week and do something solely for yourself, this would be a great time to do it.

Romantically, you can’t help but get drawn to idealistic dreamscapes and fantasies about your love life when Venus is in the intoxicatingly romantic sign of Cancer. Instead of shying away from your more mushy-gushy side, Scorpio, embrace it fully. Go ahead and change your background on your phone to a photo of your ideal partner or an inspirational couple / drawing. Listen to my “Love Mantra” meditation often and activate the energy of the love that you are, and that you’d want to receive. And most importantly, let yourself explore your more shadow emotions such as disappointment, jealousy, regret, frustration, resentment, disbelief, anger and possessiveness this week. Gemini Season helps you see yourself, and others, from a more open-minded and nuanced perspective than usual, and you’ll have a better understanding of some of the blockages that may exist in your relationships due to past hurt or trauma. Eclipse season’s energy is still going strong, making this a very auspicious time for releasing grudges and moving on — but this only happens when you admit what you’re truly feeling instead of repressing it.

This Sunday, the Sun enters Cancer for the next four weeks, marking the beginning of the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Now you understand why you went through such physical and emotional purges and rebirths! You’re truly a caterpillar that’s morphed into a butterfly, and now that Mars, your ruling planet, is in Leo, you’ll feel a balance between your heightened sensitivity and deepened sense of passion and purpose. This weekend you’re likely to feel re-energized, and ready to accomplish whatever your most pressing goals are. You’ve made it to the other side of the tunnel, and a brand new world awaits. Are you ready to step into the next level of your adventure here on Earth?

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