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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 6.11 – 6.17.18

This New Moon week is perfect for turning over a new leaf in your life, letting go of past drama, and starting fresh in whatever way you desire, Scorpio. The Moon in Taurus on Monday allows you to feel more grounded when it comes to your priorities or responsibilities. Since it’s Gemini Season, it’s easy to feel like you’re mentally dispersed and scattering your energy, so start the week off with clear goals of what you’d like to accomplish each day. Think quality over quantity, and if you’re writing a list, don’t make it an endless one. Start with your most challenging task first so that you don’t find a reason to procrastinate or put it off. You’ll feel so much better when you tackle objectives that have been weighing on your mind for a while.

Tuesday, the Moon enters Gemini in preparation for the Gemini New Moon, and since this will be the height of the dark-of-the-moon period, take it easy on this day and try not to have too much on your plate. It’s a good time to tie up loose ends, but if you can’t get it all done, don’t sweat the small stuff. Once Wednesday comes around and the New Moon strikes at 3:43pm EST, you’ll have a new way of looking at the work you do. Gemini energy encourages spontaneity, adventure, intellectual stimulation, and varied perspectives. If you’ve been doing things in the same old way, this New Moon will encourage collaboration, growth and different avenues of self-expression. The only struggle is that you may find yourself receiving an influx of so many ideas at once, and they may all excite you, to the point of not knowing which one to start with. Go with the one that excites you most in that moment in time, and know that you can always pick up another project later. Most importantly, take time Wednesday onwards to set New Moon Intentions. Since we’re at the mid-point of the year, ask yourself where you’d specifically like to be by the end of 2018. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to what you can manifest. Dream big, and let your inner child’s wildest dreams come to the forefront of your life. For a free guide on writing New Moon Intentions, click here.

Venus, the Planet of Love, leaves Cancer on the 13th, and enters Leo. This happens just 2 hours after the New Moon, making it a hump day to be remembered. It’s a good day to change up your hairstyle, go on a mini-shopping spree (spoil yourself in moderation), get a facial, massage, mani/pedi (even if it’s one that you do at home), and make yourself feel and look good in any way you can. The Venus in Leo vibes will put you more in the limelight for the next few weeks, especially in regards to your career and reputation. More people are going to want to connect with you and get to know you. Your friendship circle may expand this week, especially due to the Gemini New Moon being combined with Venus in this fiery, attention-grasping sign. This is not the time to hide out in your Scorpio cave — at least not 24/7. Accept invites to parties, or throw your own social get-together. Speaking of friendships, if you’re curious to learn about how different zodiac friends are compatible as friends, check out episode 11 of my astrology podcast, “KnowTheZodiac with Dossé-Via”.

On Saturday, a frictional alignment between Uranus and Neptune encourages you to take things slow in matters of the heart. Even if you’ve felt strong magnetic pulls towards someone, let them be the one to express how they’re feeling instead of you constantly being the one pouring your heart out. Since Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, is about to go retrograde next Monday the 18th, things aren’t always as they seem, and you may be wearing rose-colored glasses in some aspects of your love or social life. This Uranus-Neptune connection may cause a shake-up in your love life, but ultimately it will help you face truths about what needs to be addressed rather than bypassed. By the end of the day, you’ll ideally have greater clarity about where you stand with someone special, and you’ll know where to go from there.

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Have a magical New Moon week, Scorpio!

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