How is eclipse season hitting for you, Scorpio?  The recent blood moon lunar eclipse illuminated our need for expansion and exploration into our unique purpose. Still, Mercury retrograde in the sign of Gemini is here to shake up our mental playing field. Don’t fret, my scorpions! You’ve been inundated with so much tea since the Sun moved into the air sign of Gemini. Use that intel to your advantage! Let Venus’ entrance into Cancer on June 2 help you reevaluate your worth. Are the people and projects you’re engaging with draining you or fueling your passion? This week, you’ll be hyper aware of your energy levels due to Mars spending its final stretch in your fellow water sign of Cancer. Pay attention to the messages your body’s sending you. You may not be able to go as hard at the gym or pull an all-nighter for work, and that’s a good thing. You should be focused on and rejuvenation during this eclipse portal.

The Aquarius Moon on Monday helps you think of the future without feeling the need to control how you get there. Then once the month of June begins on Tuesday, the Pisces Moon takes over and activates Scorpio’s sector of true love and adventure. Mercury may be retrograde, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, flirt, and let yourself be a bit wild! You’ll be in the mood to switch up your usual routine on Tuesday and Wednesday, and you’ll also be feeling more sensual and magnetic, making it a great time to hit up your crush or have fun playing with your personal style. Singing and dancing in the mirror may also be your groove this week, especially once Venus shifts into Cancer on the 2nd and makes you feel the feels even more! Venus in Gemini’s transit had you feeling indecisive about what you wanted creatively, financially and romantically. Venus in Cancer makes you feel safer exploring vast possibilities, without needing to immediately commit to one, or any.

On Thursday the 3rd, the Moon shifts into Aries and we’re launched into a more entrepreneurial, “boss behavior” mode. It may be time to take leaps of faith, but instead of it being in a completely new direction, it has something to do with a project we’ve started months or years ago. The Sun and Saturn harmonize that day, giving us the “oomph!” and courage we need to set things in motion. You may just be a few emails or phone calls away from feeling very accomplished and aligned with your “why”, Scorpio. Just make sure to not over-do it, because we’ll be exactly one week away from the Gemini Solar Eclipse, and it could be tempting to put too much on our plate and overestimate how much we’re actually able to get done. This would be an ideal time to ask for additional support if you have several missions to slay. Ask and you shall receive!

Romantically, just when you thought things couldn’t get more interesting in your love life, you’ll be swept off your feet by the divine energy of Venus in Cancer. Even the Scorpios with the coldest ice box of a heart will notice it start to melt once the Planet of Love shifts into Cancer on the 2nd. Our romantic feelings may vacillate from hot to cold by the time the weekend comes around though, especially on Saturday when the Aries Moon comes into frictional alignments with our planetary rulers Mars and Pluto. Watch out for jealousy, power struggles, or resentment taking over you that day, Scorpio. If you can, work out or spend time on your own rather than lashing out at people who may deeply love you, but may be temporarily misunderstanding or triggering you. Take deep breaths and press reset, allowing yourself to have moments of challenge without beating yourself up about it. Fortunately on Sunday the cosmic weather is much more peaceful. The Moon shifts into Taurus and harmonizes with both Venus and Jupiter, helping you smooth over ruffled feathers and wear your heart on your sleeve. You may send someone special a sweet series of messages, and their response will leave you feeling seen, loved and respected. It’s what you deserve, Scorpio!

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