This lunar eclipse in Sagittarius week is one for the books, Scorpio. It’s activating your sector of security and abundance, and while it officially strikes this Wednesday, May 26th, we’ve been feeling the effects of this powerful lunation since late last week. We may have been feeling much more tired, dehydrated, restless and filled with a desire to expand out of our comfort zones. The Scorpio Moon on Monday and Tuesday encourages us to have a conversation with ourselves about what’s left to do in order to leap into the expansion. Perhaps you need to have clarity with people you used to be socially or romantically involved with, and that means having a clarifying conversation about what your current priorities, desires, or needs are. If a certain relationship, hobby, or career path isn’t worth investing in anymore, this eclipse could help you peacefully release it.

Since Jupiter is currently in Pisces during this eclipse, many messages will come to us when we’re sleeping. There’s no need to do a full moon ritual this week, because lunar eclipses hold the power of 10 full moons combined, and you being present with the cosmic shifts is all you need to do to activate the eclipse energy in your life. This is a good week to tackle projects that you know you should be working on, but that you may have been putting off. Sag energy has very “the time is now” energy to it, so if you let yourself be inspired by the optimism and positivity from this eclipse, you’ll find that many of the new moon intentions you set during Sag Season six months ago are now manifesting or are finding ways to be manifested in the weeks or months to come.

Since Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is preparing to go retrograde in the sign of Gemini starting May 29th, you may have to adjust your mind and learn how to trust the process a bit more, even if there are so many elements out of your control. Technology mishaps are likely during this retrograde, and you may find yourself having to repeat yourself when working on professional or creative projects with people. Try not to lose your patience — keep in mind that slowing down to make sure you’re not missing important details will save you time and time again. Trying to rush to the finish line, or comparing your journey to others’ will backfire. Use this retrograde energy to revise, renew, release, review, and reassess different experiences and relationships that you’ve been giving your attention to. The airy energy in the cosmos will make it easier to re-route if necessary. Don’t be afraid to stop doing something you’ve been used to doing for years now, Scorpio. Eclipses tend to dramatically shake up what we thought was our “normal” lifestyle, especially if our subconscious doesn’t want to be experiencing that reality anymore. A new reality can emerge, but it’s probably after Mercury shifts direct in three weeks that you’ll confidently step into that new vibration.

Romantically, this eclipse encourages you to play more, laugh more, flirt more, say yes to dates, take yourself on dates, and find ways to incorporate more adventure and spontaneity into your connections, whether you’re in a long-term partnership or opening yourself up to the idea of connecting with someone. People from our past are likely to re-emerge this week, but you don’t have to make any serious decision about their role in your life until after Mercury shifts direct. Instead, pay attention to how your body feels when you’re around them, when you get a call from them, or when you think of them. Your physical senses are supercharged this week, and your gut-instinct will tell you everything you need to do about what’s best for you, particularly in the days before the retrograde.

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