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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 5.21 – 5.27.18

Gemini Season has arrived, meaning that it’s a good time to adopt a less fixed and more airy perspective on your life, Scorpio. Gemini energy teaches us how to relax, be more adventurous, stress less, and flirt more. With the Sun in Gemini influencing our merging sector for the next four weeks, you’ll be seeking dynamic, passionate and loyal people with whom you can bond and share your aspirations. But in order to attract these individuals, you must release the expectations you have about exactly how they must manifest, or who they must be. Gemini energy is known for its unpredictability, so get used to being surprised about who comes into your life — it’s going to be a wild ride, and many of your preconceived notions will go flying out the window.

Now that Mars, your co-ruler, is in Aquarius for several months, it’s a good week to get home-related matters in order too. Whatever projects or tasks you’ve been delaying should be attended to this week, especially since there will be a Full Moon next Tuesday that symbolizes endings and completion. It’s a good time to clean house, get more organized, pay bills or create a financial game plan for the months ahead. The Mars in Aquarius energy will help you think of unique and unconventional ways to solve any recurring problems at home or with your family members. Allow yourself to emotionally detach from being too reactive to situations, and take a breather anytime you find yourself getting riled up by someone’s actions or words. Maintain your inner peace above all, Scorpio.

Mid-week, Jupiter and Chiron align in a way that will make you reflect on the progress you’ve made this year when it comes to your personal healing and growth. Since healing is non-linear, it’s absolutely normal to feel like you’ve sometimes taken one step forward, two steps back, especially since Jupiter is retrograde until July 8. But this alignment between the Planet of Luck and the Wounded Healer asteroid is teaching you to breathe, be patient with yourself, and also be kinder to yourself. Stop thinking you have to fix every little thing about yourself or constantly improve. You must learn to own your imperfections instead of nitpicking at them left and right. Take time this week to think of everything you’re proud of in terms of your accomplishments, and make sure they’re not only professional or financial, either. Think of how much you give back to those you love, how much you’re there for your friends, how much you care about the betterment of humanity… Uplift yourself as much as you can.

Then on Friday the 25th, Jupiter and Neptune engage in a harmonious trine, and this is great for your love life because Neptune is currently in your sector of true love and fate. You may have a fateful discussion or connection with someone that makes you feel amazing. It’s also a good day to give yourself a makeover, clean out your closet of outdated clothes, and refresh your look. Any creative or artistic activities you take part in around this time will also highly benefit you because your imagination will be super high. Your dreams and fantasies will be enhanced, so pay attention to your intuitive guidance and be aware of the mystical, magnetic effect you have on those you love, Scorpio. This will be a great kick-off to the weekend, and you may find yourself the life of the party this weekend as a result of this powerfully motivating transit that helps you stay optimistic and joyful. Enjoy!

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