Scorpio, these final days of Taurus Season will have us in the mood to cuddle, be loved on, and exchange sweet words with someone special. We can be that special person for our own self of course, and we should always prioritize and value our relationship with our self. But if your heart is also yearning for the company or attention of another being, don’t be too prideful to let it happen. What you seek is also seeking you, but because both the Sun and Uranus are in Taurus, there may be unexpected plot twists when it comes to how you receive what you say that you want. The energy from last week’s Taurus New Moon is still extra potent, and with Mercury and Venus both in Gemini, activating Scorpio’s sector of depth, you’ll find yourself reflecting on how to attract even more of your desires into your life. The life hack is gratitude. Take stock of all the magic that already exists within and around you, and genuinely be grateful for all of it. Next thing you know, another wave of abundance will come pouring right in.

Monday and Tuesday’s Leo Moon are ideal for being honest about what you do or don’t have the capacity for when it comes to work projects. If you’ve said yes to too many “opportunities”, it may be time to scale back, especially since Gemini Season is about to start and this can lead to us being a bit mentally frazzled. Fine-tune what’s really important to you, and don’t be afraid to say no in order to make room for what you really want. Mid-week, the Virgo Moon is ideal for creating structure and order in your lifestyle, Scorpio. Get clear about the messiness that exists in your professional, domestic and social life. What have you been avoiding, and why have you been avoiding it? Take time to set new moon intentions this week if you haven’t already, and let yourself dream beyond the limitations of what you once thought were possible. Since it’s eclipse season, some of us may find that our intentions manifest by the time the Sagittarius lunar eclipse takes place next week!

This weekend, the Moon’s in Libra and the Sun’s in Gemini, inviting much more light-heartedness, playfulness, flirtatiousness and adventure into our lives. It may be a very romantic and fun time for you, as Gemini Season activates Scorpio’s sector of depth and intimacy for the next four weeks. If during Taurus Season you were thinking of commitment, during Gemini Season you’ll still be seeking that, but you’ll also be protecting your desire for freedom and exploration. This is a great time to communicate your needs, standards, values, insecurities, fears or desires to anyone you’re talking to or involved with. Even just having that conversation with yourself by journaling about your romantic patterns can be helpful, because it’ll help you understand your role in cultivating and maintaining ideal relationships. You’re noticing that you’re no longer as drawn to toxicity, or dysfunction, in yourself or in others. Saturn’s retrograde on May 23rd is perfect for cutting ties with anything or anyone that drains you of your energy or takes you for granted. You can stand up for yourself if you’ve been taken advantage of or played in any way, or you can use this four-month retrograde to plan your comeback and wow the masses once they see you rise from your ashes in September. Either way, this week’s about trusting yourself, letting yourself flow, and letting all your burdens go.

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