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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 4.2.18 – 4.8.18

The first full week of April begins with the Moon in Scorpio for the first two days, and this is the motivating energy you’ve been seeking. Your powers of introspection, self-awareness, and self-discipline will increase, allowing you to roll up your sleeves and tackle your goals with ease and finesse. Furthermore, the energy of the recent Full Moon has helped you learn to say no to tasks and activities that bore you. By clearing these from your schedule, one by one, you’ll start feeling lighter, less irritable, and more open to the type of experiences that excite you and thrill you. That’s what life should be about, Scorpio. No more settling for assignments or situations that make you feel so-so. If this were your last week on Earth, would you be happy with what you’re spending your time doing? That’s an essential question to ask yourself this week. Readjust as needed.

An alignment between your ruler Mars and Saturn can throw you a bit off balance this week if you try to do too much at once. The Aries energy will have you all fired up and ready to go, but Saturn in Capricorn will want you to ensure that you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s before going full speed ahead. Plus, we’re in the midst of retrograde season, so double checking your work, travel plans, and contractual obligations is highly recommended. Also watch your temper this week, because it’ll be easy to lose your cool and snap at people who test your patience. If you notice your stinger about to come out, close your eyes, take deep breaths and count to ten before doing anything reactive. This isn’t the time to burn bridges and have to deal with drama — there’s too much on the horizon for you to deal with such distractions.

Romantically, you’ll find that the second half of the week allows you to be more clear and open in your relationships, especially Wednesday – Saturday with the Moon in outspoken Sagittarius. Your flirtatiousness will increase, as will your dare-devil tendencies. With both the Sun and Moon in Fire Signs, you may act in a completely unexpected way… Luckily, Venus in Taurus will be here to make sure you’re not sending wild texts left and right, and that you’re being selective about whom you want to share all this sultry, sexy energy with. Venus and Saturn harmoniously align on Saturday, and this makes you think long-term. Are the people in your love life people you know you can trust and depend on? Or do you feel lost in a maze of mind games? Also be willing to look in the mirror and see if your own self-protective tendencies are causing people to be confused about your intentions. This weekend can be clarifying for you if you dare to put it all out in the open. You’ll be learning from the intense emotions you experienced during last week’s Blue Moon, and you’ll be honest about the give-and-take that comes with maintaining healthy partnerships. I just released a new episode of my podcast “KnowTheZodiac with Dossé-Via”, where I discuss the major lessons we can learn from the recent Blue Moon. Listen to it on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Use this week to add more structure and stability in your life. The week ends with the Quarter Moon in grounded Capricorn, making it a great time for creating a budget for the month, and thinking about how you can get from the dreaming stage to the initiation stage. It won’t happen overnight, but it will take a period of you settling down and creating a game plan, instead of just sitting and wishing for things to change. You’ll notice that your ability to take greater responsibility for what’s missing in your life improves this week. You are becoming more in tune with the actions you have to take to see the transformation that you’d like to create. It’s a great week for creating a vision board, or writing future events in your calendar so that you can speak/write them into existence. Your thoughts have power, especially when written down or placed in a visual setting, so don’t be afraid to visualize and step out of your comfort zone in terms of what’s possible romantically, professionally and personally. Be sure to read your forecast for April 2018 for more on what this powerful month has in store. Also come see me in tour this spring/summer to get a personalized reading and in-person advice on 2018, compatibility and more. Reserve your spot here. Limited space available.

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