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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 4.15 – 4.21

We’ve made it to a Full Moon week, which means humanity’s collective consciousness is being activated and important truths are being revealed. On the 19th, the second consecutive Full Moon in Libra takes place, which makes this a Blue Moon. Libra’s all about relationships, balance, harmony and fairness. These are therefore the main themes of this week, and they are emphasized by the fact that last month’s Full Moon in Libra that took place on the 20th of March also highlighted this same energy. So whatever lesson you had to learn last month will repeat itself again this week. This time you’ll actually feel prepared to find a resolution and understand the root of why certain experiences or people keep popping up.

Mars in Gemini has been helping us learn how to be more mellow in our day to day interactions, and how to also be more adventurous and free-spirited. You’ve probably been speaking your mind with more ease and less suspicion, and this has been freeing for you because you don’t feel limited to the confines of your own brain. The more you allow your eccentric and “out there” side to come out, the better, because then people will see and know you for who you really are. However you may find yourself running away from any and all small talk that may take place. With your ruling planet in Gemini and a Blue Moon in the Air sign of Libra, you may need to take a break from communicating with others, especially if they don’t have the type of depth that you’re seeking… Be true to what your mind and soul needs, and don’t place yourself in draining situations. There are times when the Gemini energy may have led to you doing too much at once, which leads to you not really doing anything at all. Focus on minimizing the distractions this week, Scorpio. Mercury’s entrance into Aries on Wednesday will give you a mental boost and you’ll find yourself more motivated, ambitious, driven and passionate. As long as you don’t go on overdrive and overexert yourself, you’ll enjoy this shift in energy.

Romantically, these are the final days of Venus being in Pisces, so all that fantasy and dream-like energy is accentuated right now. You may feel like your love life is one big illusion, where you manifest things you’ve always wanted, but you’re afraid to really believe in it. People are expressing themselves and their feelings for you with greater clarity, and you are also able to do the same for others. Trust in this vulnerability, Scorpio. Let your guard down if you feel like the energy is right. Your April Sex Horoscope dives more deeply into this process. And this doesn’t only have to be strictly romantically. If there’s a friendship with whom you feel a strong connection, allow yourself to explore it and be more vulnerable with them too. Venus in Pisces is profoundly healing energy that brings souls together, even if there were previously forces keeping them apart. Take time this week to journal what you’re feeling romantically, socially, spiritually, artistically… Your heart is going through a personal expansion, especially due to Jupiter Retrograde. Balance time spent connecting with others with time spent connecting with yourself. I shared deeper insights about Jupiter in Sagittarius’ expansive energy in our lives and how we can best use this transit to have more optimism and faith in ourselves this year. Read more about how to Live Your Best Life with Jupiter in Sagittarius here.

This week leads up to the Blue Moon in Libra that takes place Friday and is felt throughout the weekend. You’ll find yourself thinking about the friendships and relationships you had to leave behind, or the ones you’re currently working on improving. People you’ve ghosted or were ghosted by may be on your mind, as you work on getting to the root of how certain relationships trigger you, and what’s to be learnt from them. Libra energy is powerful when it comes to forgiveness and letting go of resentment. Since your half birthday-season is about to begin, this is a good time to let go of pettiness or emotions that no longer feel beneficial to you. You can choose to feel something new, and this weekend’s Blue Moon may bring up some important truths in regards to what you have or haven’t allowed yourself to feel, express, or release. Prepare for groundbreaking heart-to-hearts with family, friends, lovers, and even strangers. Everyone’s being awakened to the fact that humanity needs to take our healing journey seriously. It’s time for us to raise our consciousness. This is the last Full Moon before your annual Full Moon in Scorpio, so purge what’s nonessential and make room for the abundance that’s entering your life. This is a life-changing journey you’re on, Scorpio. Be aware of your infinite magic.

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