Scorpio, be proud of how far you’ve come. These past four months have tested you in ways that most people won’t even see, largely due to Uranus’ presence in Taurus, activating your sector of partnerships and highlighting your desire to feel connected to something larger than life, and someone who truly gets you. This week’s Aries New Moon reminds you that the person you’ve been searching for, is you. You’ve been there all along. And the more you deepen that self-love, that self-trust, and that self-confidence, the more you become a magnet for everything else that you want, seek, and desire.

The more lonely and emotionally frustrating days are behind you, my love. At least for now. So instead of looking behind your back worried about an imaginary monster, keep paving your dream path, step by step, breath by breath, day by day. You’re a master alchemist, and there are many more blessings out there, specifically for you, ready to be alchemized. This week, the fiery energy of having more than four planets in Aries can definitely increase your productivity, but it should also serve as a reminder to stay hydrated and not put too much on your plate. Your ruler Pluto is getting ready to begin its five-month retrograde on April 26th, and we can feel the pre-shadow effects, encouraging us to tune in with ourselves and not overextend ourselves in the process. Monday’s Aries Moon is the ideal time to practice taking time before responding to other people’s messages, requests, or expectations. Check in with yourself and see if you even want to be giving your energy to that right now. It’s okay to focus on you and check in with others at a later time…

Tuesday – Thursday, the Taurus Moon shifts your attention to what you’d like to manifest in your professional, social and romantic connections these next six months. Venus and Pluto square off with each other this week, which means you may have to assess how you show up as a lover, coworker, and friend. Are you the type of human you’d like to consistently be around? Would you want to consistently date yourself? What social conditioning have you internalized that you may be ready to let go of in order to experience a more expansive and intentional way of connecting with another? Perhaps mid-week you’ll realize that the more time you spend getting to know yourself, the easier it becomes to connect with others. There’s no right or wrong way to explore your relationship to connection, Scorpio. Just know that intimacy and the desire to be held and loved profusely become more of a priority to you under the Taurus Moon, combined with Venus’s shift into Taurus on April 14th. Whatever you do, don’t deny what your heart’s feeling. If you want to be cuddled and kissed, own up to that. If you’d rather be focused on self-pleasure, gift yourself that. But don’t just remain stuck in-between simply because you don’t have the courage to listen to yourself. You’re hearing yourself loud and clear.

Then the weekend’s vibes are significantly lighter, as the Gemini Moon encourages us to go on an adventure on Friday throughout the first half of Sunday. We’ll want to move our bodies, stretch our intellectual horizons, and laugh more while releasing our stressors. Friday’s Sun-Pluto square can make it a bit challenging to feel like we can trust those in our immediate environment though, and maybe that’s because we’re so used to our own guards always being up that we immediately become suspicious of those who attempt to let down theirs. But if you’re getting a repeated feeling to detach yourself from something or someone, it’s okay. There’s a reason you feel that way, and it doesn’t have to be a forever thing, it could just be momentarily. The Gemini Moon will encourage you to flow with life’s unexpected twists, while still giving yourself and others the space necessary to process the rapid changes happening in our lives. Have fun navigating this new terrain, and make sure to set your new moon intentions between now and April 21st for the most powerful periods of intention-setting. Watch my visual for “Passion Play” below if you’d like inspiration on how to consistently choose yourself and create a life you love: Have a beautiful week, Scorpio!

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