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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 3.30 – 4.5.20

Scorpio, as March transitions into April, your mind will be full of questions, hopes, inclinations and longings. The Moon’s in Gemini as the week begins, amping up our curiosity and desire to communicate with people who make us feel at ease. Have a group chat or facetime date with your crew — amp each other up and be each other’s accountability buddies as you figure out how you’ll each end the month on a hopeful and aligned note. Mars, the Planet of Action, shifts into Aquarius on Monday, starting a six-week sector in our domesticity and roots sector. Scorpios will be more value-centered during this time. You’ll observe the way the collective is acting and reacting — your job is to not rush to any fixed judgments of others, or even of yourself. There’s still so much more to unravel before you fully understand what’s going on.

Tuesday – Thursday, the Moon in Cancer’s position combined with the Sun in Aries will make us both nostalgic for past adventures, and excited for future creative and professional endeavors. You may feel like you’re in a bit of a limbo period right now, Scorpio. You have loose ends to tie up, but your fresh start is teasing you, and you’re ready to leap into it. The start of April is best taken in strides — pump the brakes and ease your way into it. Since Pluto, one of our co-rulers, will begin its retrograde in a few weeks, we are feeling the pre-shadow effects and it’s helping us get to the root of what needs to be transformed in our lives. Sometimes it’s only when you allow yourself to be still that the answers become abundantly clear…

Romantically, Venus’ shift into Gemini on April 3rd will be a long-term transit lasting several months, and it will throw many Scorpios for a loop as it activates our sector of depth and intimacy. While a part of us will want to take love and relationships less seriously starting this weekend, another part of us will want to confess our feels to those who give us butterflies — more than ever. Our own emotions and sexual desires will vacillate and be inconsistent during this Venus in Gemini transit, so the best thing you can do is release the urge to control your love life. Write a screenplay or a steamy chapter in your memoir instead, and control the way your characters’ lives play out… that may help you through these less certain romantic times. Have fun and laugh more in your relationships, especially if you’ve had to cultivate connections digitally and even tried out dating apps (Gemini transits are the perfect time to do so).

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