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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 3.26.18 – 4.1.18

Let this last week of March be a blend of productive and self-reflective energy. The fiery vibes of Aries Season will motivate you to roll up your sleeves and get to work on key projects, particularly the ones that you’ve been a bit afraid of completing (out of fear of your own growth and success). However, the vibes of Mercury and Jupiter Retrograde will encourage you to triple check your work and make sure that you’re in alignment with what you really want to be doing. So try not to put too much pressure on yourself to meet deadlines or other people’s expectations. You don’t have to respond to every email as soon as it enters your inbox, and the same goes with phone calls or texts. Take your time navigating your digital world, and nourish your spiritual world first and foremost.

This is also a great week to check up on your health, particularly around Wednesday – Friday when the Moon travels through Virgo. Schedule your yearly physical, dentist appointment, therapist appointment, or sign up for a drop-in fitness class. During Aries Season, it’s especially important for you to find a way to release pent-up emotions and blow off steam. There’s no point in letting it all linger within you. Prioritizing the amount of rest you get is essential this week, because it’s a Full Moon week and we tend to get burnt out during such lunar cycles. Pay attention to the food you consume, and make choices to eat healthily and stay consistently hydrated. A little effort goes a long way in regards to keeping your energy levels high and balanced.

Romantically and socially, a Mercury-Venus interaction this week will lead to you having a more forgiving, open-minded heart towards people in your life, especially those you may have had a misunderstanding or falling out with. With Jupiter in our sign until November 2018, your personal evolution journey is happening at rapid speed, and you’re realizing that grudges and resentment does more harm  to you than the person you’re feeling those feelings about. That’s where the self-reflection component of this week comes in, Scorpio. Reflect on how much you’re standing in your own way when you don’t allow yourself to properly heal. This Full Moon in Libra taking place on March 31st may lead to you having a conversation that grants you closure with a friend, family member and/or past/current lover, crush, or love interest. Just know that closure looks differently to everyone. Reconciliation is quite possible, but so is a longer term separation with good graces. Try your best not to impose your expectations of how things should look like. Just go into the situation open to the lessons the Universe has to show you. To learn more about how Jupiter in Scorpio can help us heal this year, read my forecast, now discounted here.

All in all, Scorpio, the month of March has helped you advance tremendously on your self-love journey. You’ve made it through Pisces Season and into the astrological new year, so take your time to get settled to this new energy. Focus on trusting the process, and yourself, instead of trying to control every element of every situation around you. Check out my latest musical mantra for the recent equinox, produced by Electric Butter. It’s all about believing in your inner compass. One of my favorite lines is, “Well here you are, in this brand new world that you’ve opened yourself up to. And now you’re free to create the life of your dreams. Are you ready? it’s okay to not be ready. It’s actually better. Because if you feel fear, it means you’re dreaming big enough.” That’s the theme for this week, Scorpio. Dare to dive into your personal awakening. Trust the non-linear process, and watch your life bloom before your eyes. You can listen to the rest of the mantra below. Happy healing!

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3 responses to “Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 3.26.18 – 4.1.18

  1. This makes so much sense! I am one to keep grudges against people for eternity, but this week I have found myself making amends with exes and people I had fallen out with, and gaining some closure from having tried to make amends, even if the other person is still not on the same page.
    It is another thing that I am neither ready nor willing to let them back into my life but only because I’m still healing and trying to do better myself, to meet my goals for this year as gently as possible.
    Thankyou ScorpioMystique!

  2. With mercury retrograde does this mean that I shouldn’t take my new relationship serious? I reconnected with someone that I loved for so long and I reached out to him on 3/19 and since we have been inseparable. After reading information on mercury retrograde it scares me that it might not last or it’s not real. Should I take this serious or can I relax and hope for the best? Your advice would be so helpful.


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