We’ve made it to another ascension portal week — on Thursday we’ll experience the date 3.3.2022, and since this takes place right after the Pisces New Moon, our intuitive awareness will feel pronounced. As a Scorpio, you have powers of telepathy that allow you to understand what others are feeling and thinking, often better than they even can. This week is all about using those gifts wisely, especially during the first half of the week before the New Moon strikes. Just because your Scorpio senses are telling you something, doesn’t mean you’re meant to immediately act on it. We’re in the dark of the moon period from Monday until early Wednesday, and during this period of time our shadows come out and ask to be acknowledged — as do the shadows of others. Start off the week being a peaceful observer rather than a restless reactor.

Then once the New Moon strikes on Wednesday, March 2nd, and then conjoins with Jupiter in Pisces, you may feel like life has become a romantic comedy. People will not hesitate to let you know if you’ve been turning them on, or if they wish to turn you on. Your creative drive increases tremendously with this transit, allowing you to feel more inspired than you have since the year began. Your mind and imagination will feel super fertile and filled with possibility, and your dreams may speak to you more specifically this week, so keep a dream journal nearby and try not to spend too much time on your digital devices before bed. Instead of immediately reaching for them in the morning when you wake up, drink a large cup of water and stretch your body instead.

This New Moon encourages you to cultivate the art of peaceful flow in your life — but that doesn’t mean completely surrendering to life’s whims without a plan in place. Mars’ final stretch in Capricorn, as well as Venus’ presence there, will provide Scorpios with the grounding and stabilizing energy necessary to take the whimsical fantasies of Pisces Season and actually find a way to transform them into sustainable, tangible creations and manifestations. This will happen with lightning speed! After this New Moon strikes, and especially on 3/3/2022, you may think of something or someone one minute, and they manifest in front of you or call you the next!

This weekend’s vibes will feel passionate, bold, magnetic, and fiery. The Moon’s presence in Aries amps up your sexual nature, and you may be feeling strong carnal desires around this time. This is accentuated by Venus, Mars and Pluto all being present in Capricorn — you just want to be touched, adored, embraced, cuddled, and cared for. The first step is to admit that to yourself, and to not feel weak because of your desire for human affection. If you’re already boo’d up, this weekend is ideal for deepening your sexual and spiritual connection through spending one-on-one time together and making each other feel special.

Even connections that have been rocky or uncertain are likely to experience greater ease and harmony after the Pisces New Moon strikes. And if you’re single, Scorpio, you may either enjoy this status even more this weekend, as you bask in the attention you receive from people who are captivated by your essence, or you may end up pleasantly flirting with someone new, because the energy of Pisces Season, combined with the Aries Moon, is increasing your magnetism and helping you be more open to adventure and spontaneity.

Sometimes the Universe just wants to bless us from the inside out, and it wants us to trust that we deserve these feelings. Scorpio, a part of you may feel guilty at how many blessings are pouring into your life, especially when there appears to be a stark contrast with political and global events. But it’s important for you to know that everything happens in cycles, Scorpio. You had cycles where you felt lost, alone, isolated, and depressed. And you’re now entering a cycle where you can feel free, supported, abundant, and supremely blessed.

It’s as you give yourself permission to accept such abundance and prosperity that you’ll be able to spread that wealth to others, and help heal the world through your decision to heal yourself. Also keep in mind that 2022 is the year of taking care of your own foundation and securing your haven, before opening up your door or arms to helping others. Trust that your dedication to living your best life will pay off remarkably for you, for those your heart feels called to help, and for everyone who genuinely wants the best for you.

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