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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 2.26.18 – 3.4.18

This final week of February merges with the first week of March, and also happens to be a Full Moon week. Expect emotions to be running high, since it’s Pisces Season. But the Full Moon on March 1 is in the grounded, practical sign of Virgo, so you may find yourself intellectualizing or rationalizing your emotions a lot this week. It’s important for you to find a balance between letting them wash over you, and also putting them through a logical filter. You want to let yourself daydream while keeping your feet on solid ground. Full Moons have a way of helping us see what we’ve been holding on too tightly to, and the Pisces energy in the cosmos will help you lovingly release. Think back to where you were six months ago, during the New Moon in Virgo. Many of the seeds that you planted around that time may have come full circle, and it will feel phenomenal.

The thing with being a Scorpio influenced by Virgo energy though, is that it may highlight the fact that you often don’t spend enough time celebrating and acknowledging your growth. Tuesday – Thursday highlights this truth with the energy of the Full Moon. If you have found yourself in a cycle of constantly working on your next venture or adventure, you would benefit from taking time this week to realize how much you’ve created. You should find time to tell your inner child you’re proud of how far they’ve come. You should work on making this a daily, conscious act. You will see how much your life transforms when you don’t measure your worth based on what you do, but who you are. Let that sink in… You are so much more than what you do, what you want to do, or what you think you “should” be doing. You have to connect with who you are when you release yourself from obligations or the notion of chasing success. Stop chasing, start living and truly appreciating the now moment. It seems easier said than done, but it really takes an intentional thought and dedicated practice. You deserve this type of liberation.

For the second half of the week, keep feeling your way through each day, and write down or record what you’re feeling, as a loving note to yourself. Remember that most of 2018 has been dominated by powerful eclipses that have been shaking up our lives as we know it. When you combine that energy with the energy of Pisces, it’s normal to feel like you’re a bit disillusioned or in a foggy state of mind. That’s why it’s best not to put too much pressure on yourself at this time, Scorpio. Pisces Season symbolizes the end of the astrological year. The astrological new year will begin on March 21st. Until then, you have every right to be in a hibernation period physically or psychologically. Everything in life has seasons, and it’s not always the season to go hard. Pisces Season is the season to self-reflect, to forgive, to release, and to feel all the feels. I shared more about what Pisces Season has in store for Scorpio in episode 2 of my new podcast, “KnowTheZodiac with Dossé-Via”. Check it out here.

Romantically, this week’s Full Moon will allow us to connect more deeply with our inner circle, and take off the self-protective masks that we or others may have been wearing out of fear of disappointment or deception. Ask yourself how much your own lack of faith in love has led to self-fulfilling prophecies in relationships. This doesn’t mean you should cast blame on yourself — quite the opposite. Forgive yourself for ever being distrustful in the power of love. That’s step #1. Love is not meant to harm. Even in the lessons that love teaches us, we’re the only ones as humans who are harmed or do the harming, not love. That’s what this Full Moon wants you to realize. Separate heartbreak from love. Stop interconnecting them both and viewing them as being linked to the same thing. View love as an energy source that pulses through you, and focus on spreading that energy to your friends, your family, and most importantly, yourself. Virgo energy is about healing inner wounds and insecurities, and learning to not project them upon others. Powerful emotions and memories may emerge this week as you think back to patterns in relationships where projection caused disappointment. Take time to think about what patterns you’ve outgrown, and step into a new way of loving.

Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, goes retrograde next month, and we’re already in the pre-shadow period. That may explain why you feel an internal urge to slow down and make sure the path you’re on is the one that feels right to you. If you haven’t yet read Part 1 of my Jupiter in Scorpio Forecast, it’s now 50% off. I want as many Scorpios to be able to access it, because in this forecast I answer many of the questions you have asked me about your evolution journey. We’re all in this together… You’re not the only one feeling such intense emotions and wondering how to stabilize your emotions. It’s all part of the process. Read the 20+ forecast for more on what Jupiter is here to teach us. Have a healing week, Scorpio! Let us know how it’s going in the comments below 🙂

4 responses to “Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 2.26.18 – 3.4.18

  1. It’s so refreshing to read your daily and weekly forecasts. They have helped me to be much more mindful of the love and patience that I show MYSELF. Thank you for sharing!

  2. HI Dosse,

    Thank you for ALWAYS putting out a real and understandable forecast to follow. I have been following you for years but really the last year into this one and couldn’t get by without a little astrology guidance that your horoscopes provide.

    This weeks full forecast has me looking deeper within myself of how I defined love/heartbreak and definitely have a recurring problem of not separating the two. I have also found the recurring pattern of not living in the moment and letting small things take away from big moments, so I’m glad that I found some reassurance with this horoscope. Thank you for everything!!!

  3. Reading tbe forecast two days into the week has shed such a beautiful light on every area of my life. Everytime i feel alone, like I’m experiencing these phases by myself, i read your forecast or daily horoscopes & feel so relieved. Thank you for your knowledge, guidance & understanding.

  4. Your are always so intune with how I have been feeling its creepy!. Thank you for helping me fell less alone with doing with feeling so intensely.

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