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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 2.25 – 3.3

This final week of February will give way to the beginning of March, and you may be under the impression that time’s flying before your eyes. Mercury Retrograde will begin on the 6th of next week though, so in fact we will soon be slowing down significantly in many aspects of our lives. This is therefore the week to stay focused on key projects, contracts, collaborations and investments that you’d like to get off the ground before the retrograde begins. The week begins with the Moon in Scorpio for a few hours before the Sagittarius Moon takes over and helps us lighten up. If you’ve been submerged in a deeply emotional world recently (even more than usual), you’ll feel more at ease Monday and Tuesday as you come up with innovative solutions to any worries or troubles that you’ve encountered. It’s not as much about thinking positive than it is about accepting things as they come, and not being immediately reactive. There’s a lesson you must learn and integrate in your life, and once you do, the circumstances in your life will change…

Mid-week is pretty calm as the Moon shifts into Capricorn and makes you feel like getting a practical handle on your life. Paying down bills, planning for the next six months, releasing grudges, tuning out distractions, and prioritizing your responsibilities is the name of the game as we round out the month of February. March will be more low-key, but with Mercury Retrograde most of March you’ll want to have projects to work on behind-the-scenes. Take time this week to make a list of what those projects are, and to make sure the foundation is stable so that you can feel supported and not overwhelmed with things to do. Don’t focus so much on being busy. Focus on feeling fulfilled. You can work a solid 1 hour a day on a creative project and feel better than if you multi-tasked and did 10 projects at once. Quality over quantity is key to increasing feelings of happiness in your career, creative life, and social life.

On Friday March 1st, your love life goes through a major shift once Venus, the Planet of Love, leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius for the next few weeks. Venus in Aquarius teaches us how to love with detachment, or be loved with detachment. That can feel a bit scary sometimes, because we’re such a deeply committed and sometimes possessive sign. But during this transit we’ll be able to assess whether or not having that mentality is healthy for us… We may have wake-up calls about our need to give more space to ourselves and/or our partners in order for the relationship to thrive. You’ll be ready to do your own thing and not be so focused on getting a text back as soon as you send it. Single Scorpios may find themselves connecting with friends more during this transit, and may meet a match through a social event or via technology and dating apps. Coupled Scorpios may divulge some of their more eccentric and “out there” thoughts and desires, and if your partner isn’t open to them, you won’t wait around and beg them to. It’s okay to have different philosophies regarding love, sex and intimacy. Learning how to transparently share our needs with others will be a major theme this weekend.

By this weekend, the Moon will have also entered Aquarius, and you’ll feel pretty chill as March begins. It’s important to begin this new month with as few expectations as possible. This year is about being open to the Universe’s surprises, even if we want to control what happens next. Practice meditation, journaling, and deep breathing whenever you feel anxious, stressed, or scared. Your feelings are fleeting, and you can regulate them by being more compassionate to yourself. Make sure that you do something for yourself every day this week, and that you’re filling your own cup first and foremost. End this week thinking of all the strength that exists within you, and how it manifests in the world externally. You’re doing great, even if at times you feel like you’re not making as much progress as you wish. It’s all happening under the surface, like an iceberg. And the fruits of your labor will soon be rewarded. Keep the faith, hold on to the vision, put in the work, and release the need to control the outcome.

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