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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 2.18 – 2.24

Welcome to a mystical Full Moon week, Scorpio! Not only does Pisces Season begin on the 18th, imbuing us with greater sensitivity, intuition, and imagination, but the Virgo Full Moon activates our sector of friendships and social networks on the 19th. A project or connection you may have made 6 months ago will come full circle this week. Either you’ll sign a contract, enter a business or creative partnership, manifest a long-term dream, finalize a deal on a key venture, or peacefully release yourself from ties that no longer resonate with you. Full Moons bring closure, and the fact that this one takes place in Virgo will bring you greater clarity in terms of what you really need to be focusing on right now. The one thing to watch out for, however, is your tendency to obsess over every little detail. The Virgo energy in the air could amplify that within you, and you could end up overanalyzing everything someone tells you, to the point of driving yourself or others crazy. Give yourself plenty of space to mellow out on your own this week, and avoid placing too many expectations on others.

We’re also in the pre-shadow period of Mercury Retrograde — Mercury won’t go retrograde until March 6, but this is a good time to remind yourself of key partnerships that need healing. Begin with the relationship you have with yourself. If you find yourself thinking of repetitive patterns of behavior this week, it’s a blend of the upcoming retrograde and the Virgo Full Moon. Instead of judging yourself harshly, be grateful that you have the awareness to reflect on what harms or helps you. Life is all about the actions you decide to take, Scorpio, and this week you’ll have to use this lunar energy to overcome your insecurities and inner blockages. You have to choose to leap even if you’re not 100% ready. That goes for love, financial growth, career opportunities, etc… Release the urge to wait for the perfect moment, and know that the Universe has your back. Jupiter in Sagittarius is encouraging you to have greater faith in yourself and the life you’re meant to live…

Since Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is currently in Pisces, you may find it harder to stay focused at work and at home this week. Your attention may be a bit scattered, especially mid-week once the Moon’s in social Libra. A part of you will deeply be craving the attention of your significant other, or of a crush, ex, acquaintance, or lover. Now that it’s Pisces Season, you’re feeling sassier and sexier, so don’t shy away from going after the romantic attractions that ignite you. If you live in fear of rejection, you’ll never know what could happen if things work out… It’s better to push past your fears and make things clear to the one(s) you care for. Even if things end up in a different way than you had imagined it, the fact that you pushed past your comfort zone should be celebrated. It means better things are coming as a result of your new state of consciousness. Boosting your self-esteem and faking it until you make it are key themes this week.

Key Dates This Week:

Feb 18: Pisces Season begins and helps us let down our guard considerably. This is the time to be more vulnerable and honest in relationships that mean most to you. Avoid the urge to play mind games or be emotionally manipulative, for it will backfire…

Feb 19: The Virgo Full Moon may lead to a friend or coworker revealing very pertinent information to you, and this can lead to a huge boost in your career and social life. An in-office romance can also bloom beautifully at this time.

Feb 20 – 21: The Libra Moon’s energy makes it a great time to launch a creative endeavor and step up to the plate when it comes to embracing the limelight. If you’ve been dreaming of trying a new skill or hobby, but you’ve talked yourself out of it, take a baby step this week in that direction.

Feb 24: The Moon’s in Scorpio as the week comes to an end, so if you find yourself moodier or more sensitive to other people’s actions, know that it’s completely normal. Everything you’ve been bottling up inside you will come to the surface by this Sunday, so focus on major self-care.

For more on this transformational Full Moon in Virgo and what it means for you, watch the astro segment of my vlog (begins at 8:13 timecode):

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