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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 12.3 – 12.9.19

This week, find ways to cultivate and maintain serenity, even if your to-do list seems endless. Jupiter has shifted into Capricorn, and your world is beginning to stabilize. Be grateful for this slower pace, because when you slow down, you’re able to notice more of life’s details. There’s magic in simplicity — that’s what you’ll realize this week. The more you’re able to pinpoint the feelings that you’re experiencing, the less anxiety you’ll feel in general. You are slowly but surely understanding that we can regenerate ourselves, just like Earth can. That’s why there’s so much Earth energy in the cosmos right now. And Earth needs our watery soul to nurture it. As you consciously nurture yourself this week, Scorpio, you’re healing the world.

Tuesday and Wednesday, the Moon’s in Pisces and this is exactly the type of sensitivity and intuitive awareness that’s needed. It helps us let down our guards and admit truths that we may have held close to our chests for far too long. Do you miss someone? Tell them. Love someone? Tell them. Need more time to figure out how you feel about someone? Gift yourself that. The Pisces Moon asks us to both be aware of our boundaries, but also know when they’re too rigid, and when we should become more malleable in order to let more love in.

Then as the weekend nears, the Moon shifts into Aries, so Thursday and Friday may feel like supremely productive, passionate, and adventurous days for you. Say yes to impromptu outings or invites, because the Sag Sun and Aries Moon makes life so much more thrilling and exciting, especially when blended with Mars in Scorpio. The main thing to beware of is overindulgence. You may be tempted to have it all and do it all, which could easily leave you feeling burnt out or exhausted. Moderation is key…

This weekend, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifts out of your sign on the 9th, after being in Scorpio for over six weeks. Whewww. You’ve been getting to know yourself so much more profoundly — especially since you experienced the last Mercury retrograde of the decade in your sign last month. You should really celebrate how much you’ve evolved and matured, in just a short amount of time. Mercury entering Sag will help you lighten up mentally and be less hard on yourself. This will allow you to let the light in and look at the glass as half full. You’ll feel more optimistic and daring under this transit, and your ability to manifest money through launching yourself in new endeavors increases. But it’s not enough to make money, you have to be intentional about how you save, invest, and spend it. Create your master plan this weekend, especially now that Jupiter’s settling into Capricorn and activating your sector of communication and community.

You have everything it takes to reach your dreams, heal your heart, and live a fulfilled, empowering life, Scorpio. It’s okay for you to feel sad, frustrated, stagnant, depressed, judgmental, angry, lonely, horny, and/or misunderstood along the way. Just cause it’s Sag Season doesn’t mean you’ll always feel on top of your game. Sometimes you’ll feel moody AF, especially since we’re approaching the final Full Moon of the decade next week, on 12/12. So much is becoming clear to you, and it’ll take time for you to integrate it all. But just know that even when it seems like you’re not making any progress, or that you’ve fallen behind, the Universe is orchestrating a magical path for you. Be present and fully open to its manifestation.

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