Scorpio, this final full moon of the year takes place in your fellow Water Sign of Cancer on the 29th, and it helps you see the world in technicolor. We’ve made it to the cusp where 2020 ends and 2021 begins. Anything is possible for you, and once you allow yourself to believe this to be true, life has a way of wowing you time and time again. Take time this week to visualize yourself living a life that’s filled with peace, passion, trust, loyalty, prosperity, bliss, and so much love. That’s what the Universe has in store for you — and better.

Monday and Tuesday is dominated by Cancer Full Moon vibes, helping us see the world with new eyes, and helping us release our grip on needing to know what’s next. Because this is the first full moon in centuries when both Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius, it will help decrease the overwhelming feelings of sensitivity that Cancer Full Moons usually tend to bring up. We’ll be able to feel the feels, and let them go. Writing down what’s coming up for you, talking with a close friend or therapist, and letting yourself create, daydream, make love, cry, work out, and explore are all going to help you flow through this final full moon and surrender to the process of transformation. Scorpio, in 2021 life will feel more easeful and calm than it did in 2020, even though there will still be speedbumps and wild cards along the way. This Cancer Full Moon week is here to help you release the hardships, the struggle, the fear, the insecurities, and the self-doubt. It’s here to remind you of your powers of infinite expansion, healing and spirituality.

Wednesday and Thursday, the final days of 2020, are about facing the illusions we at times get sucked into when it’s easier than facing the truth. What realities truly exist in your consciousness, Scorpio? Reality is all about the perspective in which we see things, but the best way to be aligned in yours in a grounded way is to communicate your perspective — yes communicate with yourself, but also with others. If you’re unsure of where you stand with someone in your life, the days after the full moon may help you find ways to express yourself and feel fully seen, heard, and understood. You may decide to do a full moon ritual around this time, and pay attention to ways you may have blocked the flow of your own ease and abundance by being overly cautious or self-protective. What would it look like for you to fully tap into the idea of everything working out in your favor, or better? This is the week where you can manifest those types of thoughts into your life, in a more consistent and tangible way. You won’t only think it or affirm it, but you’ll truly believe it, even before you fully see it — and that will speed up your manifestation abilities in considerable ways.

Then on Friday, the Moon enters Leo, and a Moon-Uranus square takes place as the new year prepares to begin. Unexpected shakeups in our love and creative lives may occur at this time, and you’ll have to adopt a spirit of flexibility and a heightened sense of humor — or else you can find yourself easily agitated as the year comes to an end. Pay attention to what feelings pop up as the weekend unfolds, Scorpio, because the Leo Moon activating your reputation and career sector can lead to you feeling like there’s so much more you could be doing or have yet to do. But instead of placing that pressure on yourself, let yourself be taken care of and loved on as much as you can. If you receive attention from current or potential love interests, even if it’s digitally or flirtatiously — or if it came up out of the blue — accept it and bask in it. Venus’ presence in Sag is encouraging us to not take ourselves or life too seriously as the year ends, even if it’s Capricorn Season. The Universe has tricks up its sleeve, and you can’t be so pent-up or controlling that you miss the magic. There will be many elements of the unexpected this weekend, particularly romantically and professionally, and if there’s anything 2020 taught you, it’s to accept that change is the only constant in life. So keep that mentality as your world shifts and we enter a new chapter of human consciousness this week, Scorpio. There’s still so much more for you to experience, so much love for you to give and receive, so much passion for you to tap into. So say yes to your heart’s expansion, and end this year knowing a new life, mindset, and reality awaits.

2021 is a “5” year in numerology, and that symbolizes freedom, adventure, liberation and bliss. These are some of the main themes we can experience in the coming year, which starts this week!! For more insights on the astrology of the year ahead, read your 2021 Cosmic Guide, a 55+ page digital report written by me, which includes a Bonus Love Forecast for Scorpio within it. So many Scorpios who have already ordered the report have DM’d me letting me know how it made them feel so ready for the year ahead, and that’s exactly why I wrote it! You must release the idea that struggle will be something you must get used to, Scorpio. You’re free now.