You know those superhero movies where the protagonist finally realizes that the power they’ve been seeking has existed within them the whole time? That’s what’s about to happen to you this week, Scorpio. You’ve never been one to wait around for someone or something to save you, but with Monday’s Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius activating your sector of security and abundance, you’ll have a profound awakening about how much you have the power to save yourself. Save yourself from what, you ask? From your own self-sabotage. 

You see, two weeks ago, during the lunar eclipse full moon in Gemini, the Universe made certain things quite clear to you. It showed you what your limiting beliefs were, and made you aware of how they may be stifling your long-term evolution. It showed you the unhealthy cycles or relationships you may have been repeatedly drawn to. It showed you the fears that you may have tried to run from, but that only became bigger and bigger until you decided to face them. Eclipses always come in pairs, and now this one is asking you to set yourself free. You’re tired of the broken record — you’re ready to experience something radically new.

And that’s exactly what’s about to be ushered into your life this week, Scorpio. With Saturn and Jupiter switching out of Capricorn and entering Aquarius on the 19th and 21st, you’re about to be propelled into unchartered territory, and you’ll have to figure your way around this new world. Many Scorpios will find that this is the week where they call it quits on jobs, relationships, and situationships that aren’t vibing with their desired frequency. This may happen organically or suddenly. Sudden connections with people who are fated to be in your life may also occur, and it may take place digitally or through a mutual connection. 

Venus shifts out of our sign on Tuesday and enters Sagittarius for the next 3 weeks. Chiron ends its retrograde in Aries the 15th too, and since Chiron deals with our inner wounds, this emphasis of direct Fire sign energy (our planetary ruler Mars is currently in Aries too) will infuse Scorpios with a profound sense of optimism, and also restlessness. The key is to not be blindly optimistic, though. Our other planetary ruler, Pluto, is still in Capricorn for several years, guiding us from behind-the-scenes, asking us if we’ve remained grounded in our values and committed to our intentions. This week, Scorpio, focus less on setting intentions and more on being the intention itself. Know that you haven’t gotten this far on your own — there are forces, energies and cosmic guardians who are with you along the way. This would be an ideal week to express sincere gratitude for their help and guidance. 

Scorpio, it’s normal to feel like life’s changing so rapidly that you can’t even catch a breath. As we approach next week’s Great Conjunction (a planetary phenomenon where Jupiter and Saturn align in Aquarius for the first time in hundreds of years), the level of rebirth and remembrance we’ll collectively experience will feel overwhelming — but only if we’re not grounded. As a Scorpio with many planets orbiting your sectors of abundance, communication, and family, people will look to you for healing, for guidance, for support, and for love. This will especially be the case during these final two weeks of 2020, and as we usher in the beginning of 2021. While you are truly a superhero, your mission is to remember that taking care of yourself and protecting yourself first is the most essential and practical way to preserve and amplify your powers. Once you understand this, everything falls into place, and the magic of this eclipse week and Aquarius era will course through you, leaving everyone around you in awe of the wonders you’ll create. 

Take a deep breath, Scorpio. And another. You’re almost on the other side. Be present with your blessings. Check out KTZ’s Manifestation Moon Guide for insights on using the energies of the lunar cycle to manifest your dream life.

Watch my visual for my New Moon Mantra for inspiration on what it means to be the intention itself. If you’ve loved it, you’ll enjoy my entire EP of mantras and meditations, “Dream with Dossé-Via”, which is available on my site. Have a phenomenal final eclipse of the year, Scorpios!