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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 12.10 – 12.16

Mercury spends its final two days in our sign on Monday and Tuesday, helping us start off the week feeling focused on our objectives. You may also be more stubborn and fixed with the Planet of Communication in Scorpio, so beware of power struggles or getting into unnecessary arguments just to prove a point. Instead, invest your hard-headedness into passion projects that you’d like to get off the ground before the month’s end. The Moon starts off in Capricorn, then enters Aquarius, and these energies help you think of innovative solutions to any recurring problems you may be facing at work. Try not to overanalyze everything and let perfectionism stop you from putting your work out there. It’s better to go for it now, while the New Moon energy is still strong. You can make adjustments later.

Once Mercury enters Sagittarius on Wednesday, your biggest challenge becomes staying focused in a world full of flashy distractions. If you find yourself picking up your phone every 5 minutes, checking for new text messages or social media updates, find a way to scale back on the tech use by using it as a reward, rather than as a mindless distraction. That way you’ll feel more productive, but you’ll also use social media more intentionally. Through doing so, you may end up digitally connecting with someone super inspiring who could end up being a long-term friend or comrade in the weeks and months to come. Mercury in Sag will help you lighten up if you’ve been taking yourself too seriously lately, and it can also help you think of great money-making ideas that pad your wallet. If you’ve been seeking more flexibility in your career, this is the time to brainstorm what that looks and feels like, and then create that lifestyle over the course of the next six months. It’s wild what you can achieve in that time if you put your mind to it. You could be a millionaire in 6 months if you put your mind to it.

Romantically, Venus remains in Scorpio for the remainder of the month, so you may have noticed yourself getting a bit obsessive when it comes to who’s on your heart. Your feelings for someone special may be getting deeper, but you’re still finding ways to best express them and navigate any fears of vulnerability that you may have. If you find yourself getting possessive, suspicious, envious or jealous romantically, allow yourself to process these emotions rather than running away from them. They’re your body’s way of letting you know what you really want. Stop making life harder on yourself by denying yourself your own feelings and desires… This week is great for taking greater initiative and speaking your truth in matters of the heart, even if it makes others a bit uncomfortable at times. If you need more space, ask for it. If you want more cuddles, ask for them. If you’re vacillating between the desire for solitude and the desire for intimacy, be honest about your own contradicting nature. Don’t leave people in the dark… They’ll appreciate your transparency. Read your sex horoscope on SexZodiac, written by me, for more details on what your love life is looking like this month.

This weekend, a semi-square between Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, and Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, may lead to you having to deal with an unexpected event that throws you and those around you for a loop. Remember, Scorpio, although you can’t control what happens to you, you can control how you choose to react to it. Even if you’re caught off guard, it’s important for you to not impulsively react to any triggers or out-of-nowhere situations. The Universe sometimes shakes things up as a test to see how much you stand your ground when it comes to making your dreams come true. Not everything will always be smoothly sailing, and since Uranus is activating your work and health sector, while Neptune is in your sector of true love, the Universe may want to make sure that you’re taking good enough care of yourself, and that you’re not overindulging in drugs, alcohol, or other vices that have the potential to be destructive. Moderation was never your strong suit, so take your time as you transform your lifestyle to better serve your highest needs. Every step is getting you closer to being your best, most efficient self.

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