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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 11.4 – 11.10

This week is one of the most nurturing when it comes to getting clear about the new reality you’re intentionally crafting for yourself. While the Scorpio New Moon that took place on October 27th may have showed us in what way we want to grow and expand, the key is not to keep buying things or adding things to your work schedule. You’d benefit from minimizing your to-do list and consciously letting go of physical objects or mental responsibilities that don’t bring much to your life or overall consciousness. Simplicity is key to getting to the core of your deepest needs, Scorpio. If you haven’t been able to clearly see your path, it may be because there’s too much cluttering it.

The Pisces Moon mid-week helps us take a breather and release our need to constantly be doing something. There’s something magical in just resting, being, breathing. Let’s practice doing that, whether if it’s for half an hour, an hour, or all day long. There’s a whimsical and ethereal energy that will be sweeping over you under this Pisces energy, and when combined with Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and Venus in Sag, you may end up connecting with someone who’s been on your mind, be it a friend, lover, family member or someone you’ve been subconsciously seeking.

Venus in Sagittarius energy is being activated throughout the cosmos at this time, and it can make us Scorpios feel uncomfortable at times because it’s all about loosening our grips when it comes to controlling our relationships and friendships, and being okay not knowing what comes next. Both Venus and Jupiter are in Sag right now — Jupiter represents expansion and it won’t be back in the same sign as Sag for another 12 years. So it’s a good time to explore what feels confusing or out of the box. Mercury Retrograde will have you thinking of your past connections, and the way you tend to give and receive love. You can take what is beneficial to your heart’s expansion, and start to acknowledge which habits cause you to lock your heart up.

This week between the Scorpio New Moon and Taurus Full Moon is very significant when it comes to the downloads you’ll receive from the cosmos. If you start to notice butterflies, repeating numbers, songs or messages, view it as a sign that you are on the right path, and that you must continue to breathe, express gratitude for where you’re at, and take bold action that helps remind you of your infinite capacity to recreate yourself. Take care of yourself as you leave the cocoon behind and let those newly formed wings lift you higher and higher.

Have an incredible week, Scorpios. Happy birthday to everyone celebrating this week! 

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