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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 11.26 – 12.2

As November comes to an end, Jupiter and the Sun engage in a harmonious alignment as the week begins, and this influence will be felt all week long. You may end up attracting really exciting opportunities, Scorpio, and they’re likely to pop up in your life when you least expect it. Be open to what manifests this week, and realize that just because someone’s offering you something doesn’t mean you have to say yes to it. If it takes up too much of your time and energy, it may not be worth it. But if it excites you and makes you feel joyful, then of course you should take the leap and see where it leads you. This week is about just going for it and realizing that you can always start over or change your mind. The more flexible and adaptable you are, the better. Your life is changing rapidly, but you’ll have to ground yourself amidst all this change…

Tuesday – Thursday, the Leo Moon helps you bring out your more social and popular side, and because it’s lighting up your career sector it can lead to you speaking up more at work and letting your ideas be seen and celebrated. While you tend to be very private and you enjoy working behind-the-scenes, this is an important time to step out of your comfort zone, collaborate with people who love your work, and also be bolder in your creative and professional pursuits. If you want to make a certain amount of money by this time next year, start working your way backwards — what would you have to do to manifest that goal? That doesn’t mean you have to work harder or longer hours… If you switch up your approach to your daily routine, you can find a way to work more efficiently and make better use of your time, while also increasing your income exponentially. This is a good week to do some research on people or organizations in your field who have been successful doing so.

The Moon enters Virgo Thursday and remains there as the weekend begins, so you’ll be seeking greater order and clarity in both personal and professional matters. Since Mercury enters Scorpio on December 1st, and spends its final 5 days of retrograde in our sign Dec 1 – 6, you may feel a bit mentally scattered as the weekend comes to an end. It may feel like you have so much to do and not enough time to do it. This would be the time to take deep breaths, take a social media break, and align yourself with your values. You shouldn’t let life stress you out due to the endless list of things you tell yourself you should be doing. If it’s all too much, distance yourself from it and come back to it later, when you can allow yourself to delegate, ask for help, or simply take things off your list that aren’t that important. It’s all a matter of perspective, Scorpio, and you should remind yourself of that whenever anxiety starts creeping in. Simply ask yourself, “is it that serious?”

Romantically, you’ll notice a huge shift this Sunday, December 2 as Venus, the Planet of Love, re-enters our zodiac sign, where it will remain for the rest of December and part of January. Venus is now direct, so this experience through our sign will be easier to navigate than it was when Venus was retrograde in October. But still, if you were taking love less seriously during Venus in Libra’s transit, you’ll start to notice your feelings and emotions intensifying with Venus in Scorpio vibes. All eyes will be on you, and it may feel like it’s Scorpio Season all over again… Be careful what you do with all this attention, Scorpio. Avoid leading people on, whether you’re single or coupled, especially since it’s still Mercury Retrograde and people could get the wrong impression. Also be honest if you need more personal space to work out your conflicting feelings. At times you crave intimacy, and other times you crave solitude… That’s perfectly fine and you shouldn’t feel guilty for feeling what you feel. Just don’t leave others in the dark as you navigate your feels and find your way. Be as transparent as you can emotionally and spiritually, and this will help you cultivate enriching and fulfilling relationships.

Have a great week, Scorpio! Let us know how it’s going in the comments below. Watch the astro segment of my vlog (begins at 9:02 timecode) for more on what this week has in store:

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  1. Your family gets more adorable with each vlog! I love seeing little Nova’s personality growing. Remy is quite the handsome baby!! Thank you for all of your great horoscopes! You are always spot on. Love to you and your family

  2. I absolutely love reading your forecast.. i have been through
    A terrible time over the last month and a half with my partner that i had been dating for 12 months.. i had been on my own for almost 12 years and our relationship just exploded 12 months to the date and fell apart he is an aquarius and we are in our late 40s This this last year has been an absolute roller coast ride i do hope things get better …

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