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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 11.25 – 12.1.19

Welcome to the last full week of November, Scorpio. Can you believe it? Take time to soak up what’s happened this month, no matter how wild or destabilizing it may have felt. It’s all part of your ascension journey, and it should all be honored. Now that the Sun has shifted into Sagittarius, you’re being asked to soar. Scorpio Season was your annual rebirth. Now you rise. Mars, the Planet of Action, is in our sign until January 3, 2020, helping us get more intimately acquainted with our strength. This week you’ll not only feel driven, but also deeply introspective. Even if you appear to be a social butterfly, deep within you’ll be in a profound conversation with self.

There are parts of our own nature that can intimidate us, and we may therefore create our own limitations. Luckily, the Sag New Moon on Tuesday the 26th catapults us to a completely new vortex — one where shrinking yourself to fit in familiar places simply no longer vibes with you and the mission you’re here to live. The Sag New Moon will literally give you life. It’s essential that you stay hydrated, because with activation comes depletion. If you think ahead, you’ll know what to do to ensure your body is getting the energy and nutrients it needs to soar during this exciting time.

We’re still in the post-shadow period of Mercury retrograde, so you may still be tying up loose ends with passion projects and relationships this week. The Sag New Moon gives you the boost and positivity needed to push through, particularly on projects you’ve been hesitant to complete because of what’s waiting on the other side. What happens when you actually get that job? What happens when you get into the dream school? What happens when that first date ends up being one of the most beautiful ones you’ve ever experienced? What happens when you admit that you love love? AHHHH THE SAG MOON & MARS IN SCORPIO WANT YOU TO GO FIND OUT OKAYYY?! Go. Go. Go.

But don’t go too fast lol… Venus, the Planet of Love, has shifted in Capricorn. This will help ground us amidst all this fiery, seemingly unstoppable energy. Venus is the Planet of Magnetism and Connection. Now that it’s in Capricorn, it’s asking us to get curious about what our quest is about. Capricorn rules material resources, and is all about practicality and purpose. It may sound boring to others, but your Scorpio soul will welcome this vibe. Venus in Capricorn will infuse your love and social life with greater stability, which ultimately will help you cultivate deeper trust.

And guess what, Scorpio? It all starts with trusting yourself. You’re the one who has to give yourself that stability, by choosing to commit to yourself and your creative desires. Your creative desires are connected to your sexual desires. The more you play with yourself, the more life plays with you. Capricorn energy isn’t often associated with play — it’s associated with taking things too seriously. This transit may lead to you at first doing just that, but then what happens will be so hilarious you’ll have no choice but to start viewing life in a less rigid matter.

Jupiter is spending its final week in Sagittarius, and when you combine the Planet of Abundance’s Sag energy with the Sun and New Moon in Sag, it may feel like you’re a superhero in a wild, wild world. One where your superpowers keep astonishing you more each day. Whew. But remember, that superpowers can sometimes feel hella disorienting, especially as you’re getting used to this new life you’re living. The key is to accept the fact that abundance is literally a birthright. The limitations in your mind are the only thing that made you think otherwise. Jupiter in Sag is going out with a bang — a long-awaited opportunity may manifest this week. You may hear news of something that’s been on your mind for years. At first it will feel too good to be true. But after December 2, Jupiter won’t be back in its home sign for another 12 years… Which means life is very auspicious right now. But remember, you are the magician, and you hold the wand. Don’t wait for the magic to happen. Go make it happen. Be the magic itself.

This last week of November will be one of the most life-changing, and all you have to do is be present and grateful. Read your detailed monthly forecast for November here and your sex scopes here.

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