The Sun shifts into Sagittarius this week, Scorpio, and this activates our sector of abundance and security for the next four weeks. With one of our rulers, Mars, still in Scorpio for three more weeks, a part of us may be feeling daring, assertive, passionate, and free-spirited during this first full week of Sag Season. We’ll be feeling more energized than we did during the lunar eclipse, but we should ease our way into Sag Season and not get scorched by its flames. Luckily, Venus’ presence in Capricorn helps stabilize us on a day-to-day level. The key to flowing through this eclipse portal week is to break things down into actionable steps, in order of importance, and to reward yourself as you flow through them. 

Monday – Wednesday, the Cancer Moon will definitely have you in your feels, but because we just experienced a potent Taurus Lunar Eclipse, you won’t be running away from your feelings — you’ll be welcoming them, because it’ll feel like a fresh bout of rainfall after a period of drought. You’ll find yourself seeking the sensitivity as a way to balance the more practical approaches to life and love that you’ve been taking. You may find yourself pouring your heart out to someone special, or receiving more intimate attention from your admirer(s) in the first half of the week. 

Mid-week, the Leo Moon is an ideal time to focus on your professional projects with tunnel vision. Get things done, and have fun while doing so. Listen to my mantra “Passion Play” (linked below) as you do your work — the vibrations and frequencies will help you immerse yourself in your craft and enjoy every moment of it. You may hear great news about your career as we get closer to Friday, and you’ll want to celebrate the milestones that you’ve reached at this time. Truly take time to take in all that you’ve accomplished this year, even if at first it seems like the evolution took place more slowly than you anticipated. You’re further than you were when you once started, and you’ll keep impressing yourself and others along the way.

Romantically, you may find that Venus’ presence in Capricorn is heightening your standards in a way that may feel intense, yet necessary. This week you’ll still be reflecting on what the lunar eclipse in Taurus taught you about the relationships in your life that are sustainable, and the ones that are a reflection of patterns that you’d benefit from outgrowing and leaving behind. The more honest and transparent you are with yourself about these patterns, the better. Eclipses bring to light what was once hidden — once you see, you can’t unsee. The key to seeing and hearing yourself better is to slow down and simplify your life — be more intentional about what you pay attention to and how you share your resources. Be willing to put your pride aside if it means receiving greater clarity about a situation that deep down, you already know the answer to. Give your heart the closure it’s seeking, and make room for the brilliant new beginning that’s about to take place in your love life.

This weekend, the Virgo Moon calls for clarity. You may spend time cleaning your home, arranging your professional objectives for the final stretch of 2021, creating a budget, or beginning a new fitness routine. As we approach next week’s Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, you’re being more intentional about curating a lifestyle that’s truly aligned with your values and that brings you joy and a sense of stability. Take your time as you do so — next week’s energy may lead to you already manifesting that energy in your life in surprising and exciting ways!

Enjoy the visual for Passion Play as we get ready to welcome next week’s Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius!