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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 11.18 – 11.24

These final days of Mercury Retrograde can make you feel more sensitive than usual, Scorpio. And that’s okay. Everything you feel is valid, and it’s important to honor what comes up and be a patient observer of the way your body, mind and spirit are feeling in the present moment. This final Mercury Retrograde of the decade is a portal into a different way of looking at the world. It’s normal to feel a bit off, defensive, moody, self-critical or critical of others this week. Try to practice deep breathing exercises to navigate the shifts, rather than reacting impulsively out of habit.

The new pathways you create at this time will help you release past trauma, resentments and fears that have been living within you for most of this decade. It’s not going to happen overnight, though, and being compassionate to both yourself and others during Saturn’s final months in Capricorn will be instrumental in getting over the hump and seeing the light. Scorpio, there is so much truth being activated at once, and you’ll simplify your life if you start to slow down and listen to yourself.

Once Mars shifts into our sign on Tuesday, November 19th, you’ll be able to trust your intuition with greater ease, because Mars is the Planet of Action. You’ll end the year with Mars in our sign, meaning that your self-awareness is deepening. You’ll become aware of your own shadows, and work to integrate them rather than try to suppress or ignore them. You may even find ways to make jokes from the way your shadow manifests in your life. Humor saves lives, forreal forreal, Scorpio. Start laughing more, even when stress or angst starts popping up in your life. Read Scorpio’s Guide to Breathing Easy for more guidance on managing anxiety.

Mercury going direct Wednesday can help you realize which conversations are necessary to liberate yourself from certain repetitive chains, and which ones are a distraction from what you could be giving your time and attention to. With Venus now in Sag, you’re being asked to lighten up and not overthink every little thing that happens in your love or social life. But it may feel easier said than done, especially since Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, is getting ready to end its 5-month retrograde and that may be making it hard for words to catch up with the inner feelings that you’re experiencing. Don’t put pressure on yourself to figure everything out right now, even if it all feels jumbled and uncertain. Next week’s Sagittarius New Moon will provide you with the “aha” moment you know is coming.

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