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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 11.12 – 11.18

We are in the final 10 days of the Sun being in Scorpio, which means that this week you’ll be feeling the energy of Scorpio Season quite profoundly. The week begins with the Capricorn Moon engaging with the Scorpio Sun, so you may be feeling more serious and determined than ever. You have your eyes set on a milestone that you’d like to accomplish before the end of the month, and if you stay focused on your path and don’t compare yourself to anyone else’s, you will reach this goal. It is important for you to use the energy of Jupiter in Sag to be more adaptable and open-minded when it comes to how you’ll get to your goal, though, Scorpio. Release the urge to control the outcome, and instead focus on how you can enjoy the process. Remind yourself that there are people who can help you grow and succeed — do not be too prideful to ask for their help or support.

Tuesday – Thursday, the Moon’s in Aquarius and making you focus on domestic concerns. You want to feel like your home is your sanctuary, and you want to feel like your family members have your back and can be trusted. Since we’re in the last few days of Venus Retrograde, you may have some awakenings about the type of people you should be surrounded by. If you don’t feel at ease around someone, even if they’re familiar to you, it may be time to distance yourself from them so that your energy and vibrations can remain high. If you’ve been passive-aggressive lately as a way to keep the peace, you may finally feel ready to speak your truth about a situation that’s been on your mind. There’s no need to sugar coat it — be direct and honest as you get everything off your chest. Even if people are a bit taken aback by your transparency, they’ll have no choice but to respect you for keeping it real. Just make sure that you’re holding yourself accountable for necessary changes that should take place in your relationship with family and close friends. It’s a two-way street.

On Friday the 16th, Venus Retrograde finally ends, but this takes place on the same day that Mercury Retrograde begins. One door closes as another one opens. Your love life and relationships will begin to stabilize after a period of inconsistency and deep soul-searching. There will still be a shadow period of Venus Retrograde until December though, so try not to make any extreme decisions this Friday. Let things play out and take time to gather your bearings. Also keep in mind that miscommunication with loved ones may still occur since Mercury will be retrograde for 3 weeks. It starts off in Sagittarius, meaning that people are going to be more blunt and outspoken, but you in particular will have to think twice before you speak. You won’t want to end up hurting people’s feelings due to impulsively blurting out the first thing that comes to mind. Use Mercury Retrograde’s energy to look over your finances and your net worth. You may figure out that you have a certain spending pattern that you should nip in the bud, and you may be inspired to pay off debts or make more investments in your savings. Mercury Retrograde isn’t something to fear — it’s the last one of 2018 and it’s here to help you review the past year and keep yourself aligned with your vision. Think of it as a friend who’s here to help you get your life together. Tough love may be involved in the process, but you’ll end up grateful in the end.

As the week rounds out, the Pisces Moon will help us dream and let love in. Too often, we allow thoughts of the worst case scenario to cloud or judgment and weaken our spirits. It’s very important for you to strengthen your soul this week, Scorpio. It’s your birthday season, and you must step into your Phoenix power and overcome the darker thoughts that may at times keep you down. The Pisces energy this weekend will help you lighten up and be kinder to yourself. We’re approaching next week’s Full Moon in Gemini, which will help us integrate some major lessons from the past six months. It’s normal to feel heavy at times. It’s okay to feel tired. But just make sure that it’s not a constant state of being. Allow yourself to relax, to forgive yourself and others, and to be liberated in thought and action. Do something this weekend that helps you celebrate yourself, all that you have manifested, and all that is yet to come. Have a beautiful week.

Happy birthday to all Scorpios born this week! I wrote a birthday profile for you sharing facts about your personality. Read yours here. Have a great bday!

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  1. Beautyful video of the family and the beach and Africa…. Your readings are top and informational… Thankyou…. Love looking at your videos of your lifes…. All of you are beautyful , healthy , and happy..

  2. Looooooooooooveley I can recal 100%.
    You help me by telling me what happen in a frustration oeriod.
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  3. Thank you, I cannot begin to tell you how this has helped me. You truly have a beautiful gift of connecting and helping people through your words, and I am grateful for the words that you share.

  4. Have really been resonating with not obsessing with the outcome of my goals and simply enjoying the process and letting go. This weekly horoscope is spot on! Thank you for all the work that you do <3

  5. Thank you for a beautiful video and for a more detailrd description of what going on with scorpios.
    You’be given me hope on an otherwise difficult day.

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