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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 11.11 – 11.18

The week begins with 11/11 magic inspiring and prepping us for the Taurus Full Moon taking place Tuesday morning. Use Monday’s auspicious energy to stay hydrated, well-rested, and practice gratitude. The more you acknowledge what you’re thankful for, the more blessings and abundance enters your life. That doesn’t mean you have to be super happy or in a great mood, Scorpio. Mercury’s still retrograde in our sign until November 20th, and that can accentuate our moodiness and inconsistent behaviors. But with this 11/11 energy kicking off the week, know that there are miracles all around and within you. It’s often when you think you’ve hit rock bottom that you’re given the occasion to rise and astound yourself with your own strength.

Tuesday’s Taurus Full Moon will activate that more independent and courageous side of you. Your partnership sector is activated, and you may find yourself being honest with yourself and others about your recent fantasies, longings, frustrations, turn-offs and turn-ons. The more you keep it real, the more others follow your lead. This is a passionate, intense and sometimes mysterious Full Moon. Be patient with the Taurus’ in your life or people who have a lot of Taurus energy in your chart. Be patient with yourself. Because Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is retrograde in the sign of Taurus, there’s a lot that’s up in the air when it comes to our friendships, family connections, and professional/romantic/spiritual connections, Scorpio. Use this Full Moon to get in tune with the connections that naturally feel nourishing. Take a break from giving yourself to connections that leave you feeling confused or hurt.

Mars, our ruling planet, spends its last full week in Libra, activating our healing and spirituality sector. This is a great week to clear the air and release resentments that you’ve been holding on to. Do whatever you can to begin the process, whether that’s writing someone a letter (you can choose whether you want to give it to them after Mercury retrograde ends or just use it as a way to release your feels), going to therapy, having wild sex with someone you’re attracted to — be sure to read your sex scopes written by me at for inspo on activating your animal side this season — or a combination of it all, you must let go. Mars in Libra has been teaching you about release, breathing through the pain, and understanding that certain things simply can’t be controlled.

Since the Full Moon in Taurus energy will be felt all week, you may need some time to regroup from everything that comes up. Gift yourself that this weekend, especially once the Moon enters the sensitive sign of Cancer as the weekend begins. You’ll be in the mood to nurture yourself or be nurtured by others. Netflix and chill, hot chocolate and chill, snuggle and chill. Just chill, my love. As much as Scorpio Season inspires you to create and not procrastinate, you must also know that scheduling rest and relaxation as required parts of your day will do tremendous good to you. You’ll end up stronger than before, all because you listened to your body and nourished your soul with the essentials that it needs. You deserve. Enjoy your birthday season, my love.

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Take time to do a Full Moon Ritual this week to help you release the dead weight and attract fresh energy.



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  1. I’ve just found your Instagram and website and I’m so conected to what you describe. I’ve just turned 24 at 11/07 and I love my birthday season, and scorpio’s season (of course), it’s just so powerful.
    So thank you for such and incredible site.

    Love, Lucila from Argentina.

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