As the week begins, Scorpio, you’re likely to feel ultra vulnerable, as we’re in the dark-of-the-moon period before the Scorpio New Moon occurs. This is a time to go deep into your personal portal and figure out what resources, experiences, and sensations may be necessary for you to feel, or to release, in order to truly feel aligned with your current mission. This week is an energetically intense time, Scorpio, so be kind to yourself along the way. Speak to yourself and treat yourself like you’d treat a best friend, or how your inner child would want to be treated.

Monday through Wednesday, the Libra Moon encourages you to look at your perceived life problems from an entirely different perspective all together. Perhaps you’d benefit from integrating more laughter and lightness into your healing journey, and that may mean loosening the grips on the aspects of your life that feel unresolved or triggering, and trusting that the Universe will show you the way through. This may feel easier said than done, so reach out to your community for support instead of thinking you have to go through this metamorphosis alone.

Mid-week, the Moon enters our sign in preparation for the Scorpio New Moon occurring on Thursday the 4th. Once that Scorpio New Moon strikes at 5:14pm EST, you’ll be in the mood to reinvent yourself from inside-out. This may look like spending the end of the workweek in a meditative, reflective, therapeutic mood. It may look like pouring your heart out to a lover (or multiple lovers), and letting yourself admit how much you seek to be taken care of or loved on. It may look like deciding to completely revamp your professional journey so that it’s more aligned with your current passions and desires.

This New Moon will be aligned with Mars, who is currently in Scorpio until mid-November, so our intentions will feel stronger and more pertinent than ever, as will our desire to make them come true. While this energy will feel inspiring and magnetic, it can also become obsessive and overwhelming if we take things to extremes, so we’d benefit from keeping that in mind, especially if people around us aren’t at the same vibrational level as we are around the end of this week. Take time to set New Moon intentions this week — get clear about how you’d like yourself and your lifestyle to evolve within the next six months.

Romantically, Venus spends its final days in Sagittarius before shifting into Capricorn on the 5th. Venus tends to feel restrained and super selective when in Capricorn, but that may be exactly what you need right now, Scorpio. Venus in Sag energy helped you weigh your options and find ways to detach from the need to control where things in your love life are heading. This weekend’s shift into Venus in Capricorn will help you be honest about what you do like, and what you’re turned off by — not only within others, but also within yourself. While this can help you let go of any wishy-washy situations in your love life, it may also lead to you being overly critical of yourself and others, and this can lead to you alienating yourself from the type of love you wish to receive, and to give.

There’s a fine line between knowing what you want, and pushing away absolutely everything that seems different than what you want. This transit, plus Venus’ upcoming retrograde next month, is here to help you learn how to navigate such spaces while being true to yourself, your heart, and your ultimate needs. Take your time in the love department, Scorpio. Trust that you’re being connected with those who will help you transcend your own limiting beliefs, and together, a blissful and nurturing world awaits.

Want inspiration on how to manifest your dream lifestyle? Watch my new moon visual for “Passion Play” as inspiration for activating your Scorpio manifestation abilities. You are here to live with intention. You are here to build with momentum. You are here to passionately play!

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