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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 10/8 – 10/14

Welcome to the New Moon week, Scorpio. After an intense start to Venus Retrograde last week, Monday’s New Moon in Libra helps lighten up the cosmos by reminding us the importance of having balance and harmony in our lives. This week, your priority should be to chill out, relax, and release any pent-up tension, stress or anxiety you may have held on to. You can do this by reminding yourself of past situations that may have felt overwhelming that you’ve still overcome with patience, courage and faith. This week’s New Moon is also about understanding the power of community in your life. You mustn’t be too prideful to ask for help or for more support in your life. If you’ve been doing things solo and are in need of a break, this week may present you with exactly what you’re looking for. All you have to do is ask.

On Tuesday, October 9, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, enters Scorpio for several weeks, and this in many ways preps us for Scorpio Season’s upcoming arrival. With both Venus and Mercury in our zodiac sign, our powers of perception will be stronger than ever. Nothing and no one can get past you. You’ll be able to sniff out people’s true feelings about you with great ease. This Mercury placement will allow you to get to the root of any recurring drama or misunderstandings you may have experienced in your social life. You won’t be in the mood to brush things under the rug — you’ll want to resolve the issues once and for all so that you can focus your energy elsewhere. Just beware of being too brash in your communication style, Scorpio. Not everyone has the same communication style as you, so use the cooperative vibes of Libra Season to be more adaptable when it comes to hearing people out and not being overly stubborn when it comes to getting your point across.

The Moon will be in Scorpio Tuesday – the early part of Friday, so your more elusive and mysterious side will emerge for most of the week. People will find you to be very attractive and magnetic with the Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury all in your sign. If you’ve been wanting to pitch something important at work, or get what you want in a close relationship, use these days to make your mark, because you’ll be extra convincing and you’ll be able to win people over. However, you should also beware of your more possessive, obsessive, jealous and controlling side emerging with all these planets in Scorpio. Since Venus is currently retrograde, you’ll want to avoid jumping to conclusions when it comes to the way people are acting or reacting. Be a patient observer, and ask yourself, “what is the Universe trying to teach me?” whenever situations out of your control start occurring. Instead of letting things be a broken record, especially when it comes to matters of the heart, decide the new route you’re ready to take so that you can learn from your lessons and evolve for the better.

This week marks the one month mark before Jupiter leaves Scorpio, not to return until 2029. On November 8, Jupiter will enter Sagittarius and light up our security and finance sector for 13 months. But in order to truly accept the monetary and spiritual prosperity that the Universe wants to bestow us with, we must fully absorb the powerfully transformative vibes of Jupiter in Scorpio. The past 12 months have been extreme — sometimes we were winning non-stop, and other times it felt like everything was working against us. But this final month of Jupiter in Scorpio is likely to feel like we’re experiencing great breakthroughs when it comes to our personal development. Take time this week to journal what you’re grateful for from these past 12 months. Think back to where you were in your life in October 2017, and take stock of all that’s transpired since then. Also write down the hardships that have manifested and what you’ve learned from them. By doing this act of self-reflection, you’ll pave the room for greater blessings in the next four weeks — more than you could ever imagine. Keep this in mind as you set your New Moon Intentions this week. Click here for a free guide on doing so. Have an amazing week, Scorpio!

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  1. THANK YOU! for all your work. It helps me in so many ways and its always on point! you help guide me and help me understand myself a lot better. I’m constantly keeping up with your horoscopes and doing my mid-week check-in. whenever I’m feeling a little lost or my behaviour is off or if I find that the people around me aren’t acting themselves I go straight to you to see why! your work is amazing. I’m always recommending you to people. thank you for sharing. Congratulations on your beautiful baby, enjoy your family time.

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