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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 10.28 – 11.3

Now that the Scorpio New Moon has taken place, you can get clear about what your intentions and priorities are this week, Scorpio. You’ll start off the week feeling more energized and purposeful than you have in a long time. It’s a great time to focus on what makes you feel most alive. Start off the week by moving your body and feeling powerful energy course through you. You are a warrior, even in your weakest moments. The New Moon has helped you rise from your ashes, and this week it’s time to take bold action in this new reality.

One potential caveat to all this momentum you’re feeling is the fact that Mercury, Planet of Communication, goes retrograde on Thursday the 31st, in our zodiac sign. Mercury will be retrograde until November 20, so most of Scorpio Season will be under the influence of this energy. But before you moan and groan, remember that there was just a Scorpio New Moon… That means nothing is the same. Nothing is “like usual”. You create this new reality, so you can decide to view Mercury Retrograde as an amazing time for a personal and psychological reboot. This week, while you’ll be intentionally moving forward on objectives you want to see grow, you’ll also be taking stock of how much you’ve already grow this year. What worked for you? What felt limiting or overwhelming? In which areas of your life do you need more support? What will it take for you to ask for that support? Mercury is here to help you sort through these types of questions and not ignore them. The more you do this work, the better your 2020 will be.

Venus, the Planet of Love, remains in our sign until Friday, November 1st, so the first five days of the week you’ll be feeling sultry, romantic, horny, sexy and magnetic. You may find yourself drawn to Scorpios or those with a lot of Scorpio energy in their chart. Because of the Scorpio New Moon, people will be drawn to you like honey to bees — even more than usual. There’s nothing you can do about all this attention you’ll be getting. In fact the more you seek to run from it, the stronger the attention becomes. Embrace the fact that you are tantalizing and intriguing this Scorpio Season. Halloween may be the spookiest one of the decade due to the fact that Mercury Retrograde starts that day, so have fun getting freaky and scary and sexy all at once as you wow the masses and seduce your admirers.

If, despite the passionate and attention-grasping energy of Scorpio Season, you’re feeling a bit lonely as this New Moon week unfolds, know that you’re not alone. This final Mercury Retrograde of the decade can make us more introspective. So even if we’re surrounded by a wild party, we may be in our own worlds, deep, dark, mysterious and brooding. Of course this only intensifies our Scorpio mystique, but don’t let that stop you from connecting with equally profound souls who want a deeper look into the depths of who you are. That’s what happens with all this Scorpio energy — people take you more seriously and therefore your romantic relationships can significantly deepen at this time too. The key is to be very honest with yourself about what your intentions are for the present moment. You don’t have to have forever figured out. Just know what type of lover you want to be right now, and what type of lover you’d like to be with (if any at all). This week is a powerful time to ponder these questions and visualize your ideal love life. By the Scorpio Full Moon in six months, you may have manifested just that — or better! I can’t wait to see who you’ve morphed into by then, and who’s loyally by your side, soaring along with you. Energyyy.

Be sure to take time this week to set New Moon Intentions. The Scorpio New Moon that took place Sunday 10/27 will be felt for the next two weeks to come, and the seeds we plant these next two weeks will manifest beautifully over the course of the next 6 months. Our lives are dramatically shifting, and we should accept the fact that we are magical alchemists. Get clear about where you see yourself by the time the Scorpio Full Moon comes around during Taurus Season 2020. You’ll get there, my love. You already are there. Tap into your powers of transformation, and thrive.

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