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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 10.15 – 10.21

This is the last week before Scorpio Season begins, so you’ll be feeling the urge to take a look at the way you live your life, and make necessary changes so that you can remove what doesn’t serve you and live your best life. Spend each day this week paying attention to your daily routine and making note of what bores you, what distracts you, what stresses you out and what triggers you. If you want your life to improve for the better, you have to be willing to make tough decisions, such as leaving behind what feels familiar and opening your arms to a fresh start. On Monday, Venus and Mercury align in our sign, and this gives us the push to be the change we wish to see. You may embark on a new phase of your professional, romantic and/or personal life by making a big move that may at first catch others off guard, but feels right to you. Trust your intuitive guidance as the week begins — it will not lead you astray.

As the week begins, the Capricorn Moon is the perfect energy for getting down to business and tackling any projects or important matters that you were previously procrastinating on. If you don’t want to drag work into Scorpio Season, use these days to get them off your plate. You’ll feel so much better once you do, and your productivity will improve your overall mood. Have important phone calls and send out crucial emails mid-week — they’re likely to get a favorable return. Follow up on the goals that you set on the New Moon that took place in early October. Make sure that you’re planting the seeds towards their manifestation. Focus on taking things step by step instead of being overwhelmed by the big picture. If you break your goals down into manageable action items, you’ll be able to accomplish so much more than you realize. And remember to communicate your need for more support or help, Scorpio. This isn’t the week to try to tackle everything on your own. There are people out there willing to help, so get them involved and watch how your life eases up.

The week continues with the Moon entering airy Aquarius, helping you focus on domestic matters with a unique state of mind. Instead of getting in the same old arguments with your friends or family, focus on taking some time for yourself on Friday, reflecting on what you need to do to fill your own cup. Whenever there’s resentment or frustration towards someone, it’s often a reflection of your lack of self-care, or your failure to set strong enough boundaries. Instead of falling back into old habits and ending up in a dramatic argument, being on your own as the weekend begins will help you press the “reset” button, clear your mind, and figure out what your priorities are in both your relationships with others, and your relationship with yourself. Spend this week navigating these nuances in your life, and also spend time visualizing the healthy dynamics that you’d like to cultivate moving forward.

This weekend is best for any romantic interactions, because the Moon will have shifted into Pisces, and it will activate your true love and fate sector. If you’re single, make sure to go out this weekend. Look your best, surround yourself with great wingmen/wingwomen, and let yourself have fun without putting too much pressure on yourself to meet someone. With Venus in your sign, you’ll naturally attract people who are drawn to your mystery, sexiness, sensuality and charm. You just have to focus on letting your light shine and enjoying yourself in the present moment, and the magic will happen on its own. In a relationship? Make time for a private date night with you and your partner. It will rekindle flames in your relationship and help you see each other with a fresh set of eyes. This weekend will have you thinking back to what first drew you two together, and this can lead to you falling in love with each other all over again. All Scorpios should make sure to read your sex horoscope for October, written by me. Be sure to subscribe on the site to have your sex horoscope emailed to you for free each month. And if you haven’t yet read your general monthly horoscope, you can do so here. Have a great week, Scorpios! Get ready for our season to begin next Tuesday!

Exciting news: after taking a few weeks off to welcome our son into the world, we are back to doing weekly vlogs! Watch this week’s episode, celebrating the beautiful arrival of our son Rémy. It also includes a weekly astrology segment at the end of the vlog, where I share more insights on this week’s transits. The astro segment begins at the 11:25 timecode. Enjoy!

There are three weeks left of Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, being in Scorpio, and they’re likely to be the most spiritually resonant. You’re stepping into your power like never before, and you’ll be rewarded for your acts of courage as you intentionally evolve into the best version of yourself. Be sure to read Part 2 of Jupiter in Scorpio Forecast, which includes more than 25 pages of insight on how to maximize the Planet of Luck and transform every aspect of your life for the better. All orders include a Love Forecast within the report. Available for download immediately after purchase.

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