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Scorpio, this week is about having deep self-compassion for yourself and others. Mercury, the Planet of Communication, begins its three-week retrograde in our zodiac sign, which means we’re going through a personal process of reconditioning ourselves to reach our greatest potential, all while letting ourselves slow down and acknowledge how much we’ve already journeyed.

As much as Scorpios love forward momentum and making transformative changes to their lives, the fact that Venus is in Virgo and so many planets are direct in Capricorn means that we still have to do more grounding, and we must take time to unearth what our true passions are and why. Instead of fearing this final Mercury Retrograde, embrace it. You will have to be patient, Scorpio. You will have to laugh more, and stress less. You will have to take several breathers when you find yourself ready to snap on someone. And you will have to accept the emotions that surface during this intentional slow-down and reset period. Once Mercury goes direct November 3rd, you’ll be glad you trusted the process.

This week’s energy is relatively mellow as we approach the Libra New Moon taking place October 16th. From the 12th – 15th, we’ll feel the dark-of-the-moon energy as the Moon hangs out in Virgo before entering Libra. Our more self-critical sides may emerge at this time, and we may at first feel like we’re running out of time. This is an illusion though, Scorpio. We’re very much on track with our own journey, it’s just that at times it feels disorienting when we’re at the brink of having our wishes come true.

Monday through Thursday you’ll be asking yourself if you really want what you’ve been saying that you want. You may need to spend time on your own during those days so that you’re not overly influenced by outside thoughts and opinions. The more you let go of external attachments and judgments, the more you hear, learn, trust and love yourself. You’re being asked to get to the core of your desires, and the dark-of-the-moon period in Virgo will show you how much less is more. Yes, you can do and have it all. But what’s the most essential for you to have right now, and the most fulfilling? Focus on those desires and let them come to you. Read your monthly forecast here for more insights on what October 2020 has in store.

Romantically, you’ll also be embracing the energy of intention and minimalism, particularly once the Libra New Moon strikes this weekend. Use the 16th and 17th to set your New Moon Intentions regarding the healing you’d like to experience romantically. If you know there are patterns that you’re ready to break, such as your desires to return to a lover who isn’t good for you, have an honest conversation with yourself about that cycle, and set the intentions that six months from now you’ll be free from that recurring pattern and welcoming fresh energy. The lighter energy of this Libra New Moon combined with the purity of Venus in Virgo and the specificity of Mercury’s transit through Scorpio invites you to be more selective about your lover(s), while also acknowledging your own areas of improvement that can help you become a more wholesome lover.

You’ll be less judgmental and extreme this weekend, allowing you to open yourself up to love in several interesting and perhaps unexpected ways. If you’re rolling your eyes reading this, skeptical that love is even a possibility for you, it’s important for you to first expand your idea of what love is — you may at first attract a deeply platonic love that becomes something else over time. You must also remind yourself that you are love itself, and as you treat yourself with love, the Universe will know more of what you want, and it will make its way to you.

For cosmic inspiration on how to manifest the love life of your dreams, my visual for “Love Mantra” is officially out! Watch this to transform the way you view, give, and receive love forever.

There’s a New Moon this week, making it a powerful time to take part in a New Moon Intentions Ritual. Take time this week to decide what you’re ready to manifest in the next six months, and start the process of planting seeds that will help your garden flourish. I have created a Manifestation Moon Guide to help you with this process. Enjoy!