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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 1.13.20 – 1.19.20

Sometimes you just need to ease into a new year, release all expectations you have of it, and say f*ck it to societally imposed deadlines or standards you used to subscribe to. Welcome to your post-eclipse reality, Scorpio. Welcome to 2020. In many ways, the Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that occurred on January 10th is the official start of 2020. We’ve made it through the first eclipse of the year, and since it was a lunar eclipse it means that many of our intentions from the past six months have come full circle. What were your desires during Cancer Season 2019? What was your relationship with family, both your biological and soul fam? Did you feel rooted in who you were and where you came from? How much did you overextend yourself or sacrifice in the name of love?

Now, six months later, this week is all about acknowledging everything you’ve been forced to release. This eclipse played no games. It taught us that it’s in our best interest to be selfish and to nourish ourselves first, or else it wouldn’t be sustainable for us to provide services and love to the world. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction that takes place at the start of the week is exactly what we need to remain firm in the boundaries that we chose to set during this eclipse season. You may have had to say “no” to friends, people you realize aren’t really friends, coworkers, family members, associates, people on the internet, etc… And because you’re used to letting your sensitivity influence you, there may have been times you second-guessed yourself for the boundaries you enforced. But this week you will get so many signs that show you that you made the right decision.

With Venus, the Planet of Love and Magnetism, shifting out of Aquarius on the 13th and entering Pisces for several weeks, we’re going to feel a much-needed boost of calming, romantic energy in our lives this week. It will feel so refreshing and soothing, and because this will have taken place after the Cancer eclipse — which taught us that there’s beauty in vulnerability, and that you can still love someone while setting boundaries — we won’t push away the love that the Universe will send our way. Instead, we’ll welcome it with open arms and we’ll recognize that the Universe is starting to send us exactly what we’ve been asking for, or better. Venus in Pisces’ energy activates Scorpio’s sector of fate, true love and adventure. Get ready for your sex life to thrill you, your dreams to tantalize you, and your crushes/lovers/baes to woo you. Life will feel extra dreamy and sensual during this time, and your heart will open up to love more than usual. Focus on everything blowing you away instead of worrying about things being too good to be true. The Universe responds to your subconscious beliefs about yourself, your lover(s), and your worth. Take time this week to make sure your inner reality matches your outer desires.

Thursday, Mercury shifts into Aquarius, balancing out the watery energy of Venus in Pisces and helping us step out of our own little worlds and connect our needs to the needs of those around us. Mercury in Aquarius will have us thinking of our legacy, Scorpios. How can we make an influence, not only on our direct community, but on the larger humanity? We will feel motivated to be the change we wish to see with this energy. Instead of complaining about our societal struggles, we will take time to define what our problems are and actively create solutions. The key to making progress in your personal life, and collectively, is to not be too prideful to ask for help or advice. You must be willing to collaborate and connect intentionally with people who understand your vision, and as the weekend begins you may end up invited to an event that allows you to do that. You may also be the host of a networking event that changes your life for the better. Be present and aware of the opportunities to expand your reach while still grounding yourself in who you are and what your priorities are.

The Moon’s in Libra as the weekend begins, before shifting into Scorpio as it ends. This lunar energy will have you daydreaming about your ideal romantic getaway, and perhaps in dreaming about it you’ll also find ways to manifest it soon. It may not necessarily be you jetting off somewhere with a lover, but it could be that you and someone special deepen your connection and commitment to each other, or spend some time this weekend discussing what that could look like. Just make sure you don’t get stuck in idealism — also be honest with each other and discuss in what ways you’ll consistently show up for each other to maintain and grow your dream relationship.

For Scorpios who are uninterested in romance at this point in time, the Scorpio Moon during the second half of the weekend will have you feeling more interested in yourself. You may dive deep into your birth chart reading and try to understand more of your shadow side, you may read your 2020 Cosmic Guide and start mapping out your boss moves ahead of time, or you may simply turn off your phone and rest, without shame or guilt, because you’ve made it through an eclipse portal and life as you know it is changing before your eyes. You decide what’s best for you — the key is to feel like you’re your own lover first, and that makes you the best lover for anyone lucky enough to have access to your loving energy. A win-win situation, Scorpio. Keep soaring.

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