Scorpio, this is a relatively calm week astrologically, and we’ll still feel the effects of the Pisces Full Moon, encouraging us to vocalize our deepest emotions in a free-flowing way. On Monday, the Aries Moon may lead to your self-expression being more fiery and confident than you were expecting, so be aware of the power behind your words. Mercury’s spending its first full week retrograde in Libra, activating Scorpio’s sector of spirituality, healing, and mystery. Many Scorpios may be surprised by what emerges from our consciousness this week… Thoughts, dreams, sensations, and experiences we previously couldn’t properly pin down will suddenly make themselves clearly known and felt, and it’s up to us to decide what to do with all that cosmic wisdom. Since Mercury Retrograde lasts until October 2, there’s no need to immediately make life-changing decisions based on what insights you’re receiving telepathically, but definitely spend time journaling your feelings and meditating on what they could mean. Sometimes, the best meditations take place through spending time in nature, so going on a bike ride or a walk or run in the forest could bring you the answers you’re seeking.

Mid-week, the Taurus and Gemini Moon have Scorpios feeling more relationship-oriented, and since the Sun’s in Virgo we’ll also be feeling hyper selective. If you’re already boo’d up, you may decide to have conversations about your mutual wants and needs between Tuesday and Thursday. You’re likely to feel serious about what you’re sharing, but also open-minded and flexible too — this is the best approach to take with so many planets currently retrograde. If you’re single or mingling, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by potential or past partners’ approaches and communication styles with you. There’s a high likelihood that someone will reveal their true feelings and intentions to you sometime this week, most likely when you least expect it, and in a way you definitely weren’t anticipating. The energy of the Pisces Full Moon lasts until the 14th, so enjoy the potentialities in romance — once again, don’t make any final decisions about what you want, but let yourself explore the possibilities without fear.

This weekend, the Moon’s presence in Gemini on Friday and Saturday can make you seek intellectual stimulation. Take yourself out to the museum or dive into a new book. If there’s someone you’ve been wanting to get to know more profoundly, be open to spending one-on-one time with them, either in -person or virtually. With the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Gemini, a part of you may feel restless or pulled in several directions, but by Sunday the Moon will enter Cancer, activating your sector of spirituality and expansion, and you may suddenly feel like you have an outlet for all that frenetic energy you were feeling. Perhaps you’ll start planning a dream vacation, or consider switching up an aspect of your weekend routine to let in more spontaneity, but also greater intimacy. This week will teach you that it’s human and normal to feel a wide-range of emotions, so even if you started the week wanting to be ultra productive, and ending the week just wanting to cuddle and have your butt rubbed, everything you feel is valid, and your emotions are your ultimate superpower. Read your monthly scope to find out what’s next!

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