Scorpio, we still have two more weeks of Mercury Retrograde, but this week it shifts out of Libra on Friday the 23rd, and enters Virgo. The majority of this week is about fine-tuning what we need in our relationships, by first being honest with ourselves about the type of lover, friend, creative partner, and family member we want to be, and the type of being we actually currently are. Then, starting this weekend, the final stretch of Mercury Retrograde will be about paying attention to the details in our lives, and in our social dynamics, that can make or break our long-term progress. Are we getting caught up in the same old cycles out of habit and comfort, or are we able to recognize when we’re replaying a broken record, and make the necessary adjustments? These are the key questions that we’ll be reflecting on this week.

But before we get to Mercury’s shift, the week starts off with the Cancer Moon and Virgo Sun encourages us to add more sensuality, and also practicality, into our daily routines. Switch up your usual lunch spot, take extra time getting ready in the morning, make sure to stretch, hydrate, and cry if you need to. You’ll start off the week feeling supremely sensitive, because we’re also starting to near the dark-of-the-moon period (the period of time before a new moon where our emotions are heightened and asked to be felt).

Then on Tuesday, the vibe brightens up significantly (but only partially, because we’ll still be getting closer to the dark-of-the-moon period) when the Moon shifts out of Cancer and enters fiery Leo for 2.5 days. The middle of the week is best for power moves, as the final degrees of the Sun in Virgo are making you feel more efficient, driven, and focused. Say no to distractions, but reward yourself with play. Mars in Gemini’s presence in your sector of intimacy and merging may help you find an accountability buddy or friend who sees the best in you and encourages you to passion play through the work week.

Libra Season officially begins this Thursday the 22nd, and we’ll also be in the midst of the dark-of-the-moon period around then. It’s perfectly okay to be in hermit mode, even when the Sun is in an Air sign, because our sector of spirituality and healing is activated, which means isolation may be necessary for our rebirth. Libra Season is Scorpio’s annual hibernation period, allowing us to recharge our energy and release burdens before we step into the season of our solar return. This may make those around us feel a bit alienated or disappointed though, especially if we end up cancelling or rescheduled previous plans. But don’t let them guilt trip you, Scorpio. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of, or show up for, others. And that’s what you’re here to learn how to do, unapologetically.

Romantically, you may feel like you’ve perpetually felt dissatisfied during Venus’ transit in the nitpickey sign of Virgo these past two weeks, and a part of you may do your best to lighten up so that you don’t push away those you care for due to high demands. But at the same time, it’s your high standards that allow you to be so selective about who gets access to that magnetic, deeply passionate energy of yours. And those standards exist for a reason. Since we’re in the midst of retrograde season, there’s no need to make brash decisions, make-ups, or break-ups this week.

Once Mercury shifts direct next month, as well as Saturn and Pluto, you’ll have the clarity you seek. But what’s advised this week, especially this Sunday around the Libra New Moon, is to be honest with your past, current, or prospective partner(s) about what feels off in your connection, and also highlight what lights you up and feels right. This honest exchange of communication will do wonders for you, if you and your partner(s) dare to be vulnerable with each other rather than letting your ego or pride lead the way. It’s incredible what a soulful, reciprocal, heart-to-heart convo can do for your spirit, Scorpio. Give it a try during this new moon portal, and you’ll see how much your life transforms for the better these next 6 months. Have a wonderful new moon week!

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