Scorpio Season starts this week, Scorpios! And we’re also quickly approaching the partial Solar Eclipse New Moon taking place October 25. The best way to flow through this last week of Libra Season is to simplify your lifestyle, and make room for the waves of change that are about to enter your life this season. There’s no reason to fear eclipses, especially not Solar Eclipses. Yes, they can feel destabilizing, but they always happen for a reason. They always happen to help us level up, especially during times when staying in our comfort zone feels more familiar and safe, but ultimately won’t help us grow.

This pre-eclipse week is therefore about being kind to yourself, and honest with yourself, about what you’re ready to peacefully release. It’s not always going to feel easy, because a part of you may want to resist the changes that are happening within and around you. But once the Moon shifts into Leo Monday afternoon, you’ll soon see that it’s better to feel fear and keep going anyway, rather than feel fear and remain paralyzed by indecision forever.

If you’ve been feeling like your values are being redefined, and your priorities are being rearranged, it’s probably because you’re still adjusting to Pluto’s shift direct and its effect on our subconscious. Scorpios are ruled by Pluto, and now that Pluto’s no longer retrograde, chances are that we’re becoming more aware of when our past programming caused chaos in our relationship with ourselves, or with others. Either we were too trusting, or not trusting enough. And now that Pluto’s direct, our ability to set boundaries is increasing tremendously, but that may also cause others to be completely confused by our “changed” behavior — especially people who have felt close to us but who may not have seen this gradual shift in our values, standards, and lifestyles coming.

In all honesty, we may even be shocked at our own selves, because eclipse season, combined with Pluto’s shift direct, has led to us no longer tolerating what we once made plenty of excuses for. And that feels both empowering and terrifying to us. Because if we no longer tolerate what once felt normal to us, then what will our new normal be? That’s for us to find out as we navigate this eclipse portal, my friends. We’re in this together.

When it comes to our romantic and intimate partnerships, Venus in Libra has been throwing us for a loop, but this Sunday, Venus enters Scorpio. Saturn also ends its 4.5 month retrograde this Sunday, October 23, and this is Saturn’s final retrograde in Aquarius for the next 29 years, so this is a HUGE MILESTONE for all zodiac signs. But the fact that Saturn Retrograde needs on the first day of Scorpio Season and two days before the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio means that this is also a stepping stone and rite of passage / spiritual initiation for Scorpios and Scorpio placements. I know you may be exhausted from the retrogrades, but in hindsight you’ll see how they helped you become the person of your dreams. Thank Saturn for all its love & hard work.

Think back to June 4, 2022, when Saturn first begun its retrograde in Aquarius. What was occurring in your love life at that time? What desires did you have for your partnerships? And what fears or inhibitions also existed within you? You may find yourself making peace with the events of the past four months, and it’ll feel like a huge weight has lifted off your shoulders. You don’t have to figure everything out in your love life right now, Scorpio. Eclipse season is going to rearrange some pieces, and perhaps make you feel like a chicken that’s just hatched, but it’ll ultimately help strengthen your relationships by highlighting the weak spots as well as the strengths. It’s up to you to be honest about what’s revealed. And it’s up to you to always choose love, especially during the times when it feels like love isn’t choosing you.

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Happy Scorpio Season and eclipse season!!


Dossé-Via, founder of ScorpioMystique