Welcome to the other side, Scorpio. Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, has just ended its four-month retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. This retrograde was activating Scorpio’s sector of roots, values, and the home. It also was highlighting the way we tend to communicate, or not communicate, our needs. These past four months we had to face ourselves and be honest about what seems to be off in our lives. Saturn is the tough teacher planet, who kicks our ass because they see our greatest potential, even when we fail to see it ourselves. And now, this week’s energy will provide you with more self-awareness and self-compassion as you think back on what you’ve traversed these past four months. Pluto is now direct too, and Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, will shift direct next Monday the 18th. We are going to feel like things are moving along again, and that life is aligning with our intentions. Yay!

Monday – Wednesday, the Capricorn Moon energy keeps us focused on tasks that we previously had on hold. Instead of being hard on yourself because you think you should be further ahead by now, simply take things step by step and be fully immersed in what you’re bringing to life right now. With Saturn no longer retrograde, your thoughts are becoming easier to express, and you’re also able to face your responsibilities head-on instead of shying away from the work that’s to be done. The Capricorn Moon is perfect for getting your life together. The sacrifices you make this week will pay off beautifully in the months to come. Think of the security you’re building for yourself, and stay committed to the course, while taking frequent rest and relaxation breaks.

Mid-week, the Moon enters Aquarius, and when combined with Mars in Libra and Venus in Sag, you should absolutely have a hump-day, happy hour adventure. You’ll probably be in awe of how much progress you’ve made since the week has begun, so celebrate yourself shawty! Hit up some friends you haven’t seen in a while (Mercury is still retrograde until next Monday so it’s a great time to re-connect with long-lost pals), or have a virtual zoom date with people who live far-away. You may be in hermit mode this Libra Season, but all this Air and Fire energy in the cosmos encourages you to not take it to extremes. There are people out there who want to love you, so let yourself be loved.

This weekend, the Pisces Moon serves as the healing balm we all needed. Pisces’ traditional planetary ruler is Jupiter, so since Jupiter is getting closer and closer to ending its retrograde, it’s likely that we’ll be feeling ultra sensitive this weekend, and this can lead to us letting the tears flow, as well as having heart-to-hearts with people. This is an ideal time to be in your creative bag, as your imagination will be quite fertile. You also have until the 16th to set your New Moon Intentions, and to reflect on what type of lover *you* want to be, rather than only focus on what you’d like to attract. I shared all about this in my recent IGTV video about Saturn’s shift direct, so check it out here if you haven’t yet.

This is a powerful ascension portal week, so make the most of it, and don’t be afraid to get really specific about what your heart’s been wanting. Romantically, many Scorpios may be in a period of releasing connections that they’ve outgrown, or that may not be aligned with their current path. And if you need more time to figure out what you need from relationships, give yourself time. This week’s energy is about letting go of the guilt that sometimes comes from choosing ourselves first. Choose yourself first, and see how much better you’re able to show up for the relationships and responsibilities in your life.

This week we’re celebrating the 1 year anniversary of my Love Mantra visual!! Thank you to the thousands of you who’ve watched it and who have been streaming my EP of mantras and meditations, Dream with Dossé-Via! Watch the visual this week as you set your intentions and attract the love that you deserve!

Read Scorpio’s October 2021 monthly forecast here. Have a beautiful week!

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