Scorpio, if you woke up this week asking yourself, “Who am I and what do I really want?”, then you’re very much in alignment with the post-eclipse energy we’ll be feeling for the rest of the month. Last week’s Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus happened in our opposite sign of the zodiac, meaning it pushed us to emotional and psychological extremes. Whatever pent-up emotions we have felt since the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus in April 2022 likely resurfaced in our lives last week, demanding to be felt and processed. Fortunately, life starts to ease up for us this week, as Venus finishes up its intense transit through our sign and enters Sagittarius on November 16, helping us take ourselves, and our experiences, more lightly. 

The Leo Moon on Monday and Tuesday are ideal for stepping into big boss energy. Yes, Mars Retrograde in Gemini may be making us move at a slower pace, but Mercury’s in our sign, helping us think and communicate strategically. You can still get more done by having fewer things on your plate, and less responsibilities to tend to. Start off the week by honestly assessing what it is you want to tend to, and finding ways to either delegate, systemize, or fully let go of what feels draining, boring, or unrewarding. Prioritize your bliss, even if it means temporarily taking a pay cut. With the space you make in your life, you’ll call in more abundance, even if it takes six months to flow in consistently. Play the long game, and put your peace first. 

Mid-week, the Virgo Moon calls for order in your life, and transparency in your friendships. If there’s anyone who’s been playing mind games with you, or anyone you’ve been stringing along, it’s time to keep it real with each other. What is it that you both want, and why are you running around in circles trying to get it, instead of maturely admitting to yourselves what your needs are? These final days of Scorpio Season present you with an opportunity to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done. So many opportunities await in the final stretch of the month, but if your mind is clouded with distractions, you won’t be able to seize them. Read your monthly forecast to know what this post-eclipse energy can lead to in the next few weeks. 

This weekend, the Libra Moon encourages you to pamper yourself, take care of your spiritual needs, and make sure your relationships feel balanced and harmonious. Venus will be in Sagittarius by then, and Venus in Sag will harmonize well with the Libra Moon, which can lead to you feeling closer to someone you previously had a hard time forgiving (this could even mean yourself). This weekend allows you to humanize yourself, and others, by recognizing that we’re all on this human journey together. Some days are easier than others. Instead of holding people accountable solely for their past actions, give them a chance to show you how much they also may have evolved this eclipse season. Pay more attention to how you feel in their presence in the present moment. 

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Have a magical week,